How to make a deal ?

How to make a deal ?

properly executed agreement, regardless of its kind, provides legal protection for the participants, both in court and in pre-trial proceedings, the outcome of which may be a settlement agreement.Please note before you make an agreement, you need to study the standard contract used by companies, firms and organizations for the contractual arrangements between them and their clients.It is mandatory in the agreement takes into account the interests of both sides (in paragraphs "Rights and Obligations"), and describes the scope of their duties, which should ensure the rights of a party.At default of obligations by one of the parties to the agreement, it is failed, that is, the party, which infringed the rights in the performance or non-fulfillment of the agreement, has the right to sue the other party to the judicial authorities.

Contract Agreement

When a contract agreement must be clearly understood that this document will give you for your business or everyday life.Clearly defined objectives of t

he agreement - one of the main features of the contract agreement.Drawing up a contract should be phased and incremental process.When drawing up the contract must be clear of its subject, however, as at the signing of the contract agreement, the proposed you a party to the agreement.If the contract agreement concerns the acquisition of a property, the subject of the contract is an asset, and the parties - the buyer and the seller.

The agreement shall specify the details of the legal persons and the personal data of persons who act on behalf of a company or organization (they should be authorized to do so).If an agreement is signed by a natural person, it shall indicate the passport data of the citizen, indicating his place of residence.Before you draw up a contract agreement, all personal data and details are written into the contract without errors, because their presence will lead to the invalidation of the contract.The agreement may be invalidated if it is not the main points, stipulated by the current Russian legislation in respect of a particular type of agreements.

common framework contract agreement:

  • Full name of parties entering into the contract (if the contract will be signed by the parties, that indicate their details or personal data, as well as documents that were the basis for the granting of authority to sign the contract).
  • subject of the contract - it may be the volume of certain services, and the thing, the agreement and so on.
  • Each party in the contract has its rights, duties and responsibilities.
  • Contract Agreement specifies the conditions for the fulfillment by each party, and, in some cases, conditions may be several.
  • Details sides.

Labor Agreement

procedure for entering into an employment agreement defines the Labor Code, according to which an employment contract - an agreement concluded between the employee and the employer for a specific period of time.By signing the employment contract, the employee undertakes to perform specific work for a period of the concluded contract, while the employer undertakes to provide the employee with adequate working conditions and cash collateral, referred to as "wages".The maximum period for which can be the document - five years.Therefore, before how to make an agreement, the employer must provide for this moment.Otherwise, the employment contract will be null and void.

The employment contract shall be indicated surname, name and patronymic, both the employer and the employee, the documents confirming the identity of the parties of this agreement, the date and place of conclusion of the contract, as well as the VAT number of the employer.It is also provided, and other items required to sign the agreement, without which it is invalid.The employment contract should not be confused with the order of the adoption of the employee to work in a specific structural unit for a certain position, because the order does not outlines the obligations of the employer as well as employee.Thus, for workers it is more advantageous employment contracts, if they are, of course, designed properly and protect the interests of employees of the company or organization.

Responsibilities labor agreement of the parties are defined in Art.56 of the Labour Code.The main responsibilities of the employer - the timely payment of wages to the employee, ensuring decent working conditions that do not contradict the Labour Code and other normative legal acts, as well as providing the kind of work that is specified in the contract.The main duties of the employee - not shift their responsibilities.Defined in the employment contract to other persons performing their own, and strictly observe the internal regulations of the company.

Article 57 of the Labour Code describes in detail the items that should be present in a legally competent employment agreement.By the way, if you're going to soon sign a contract of employment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Labour Code, namely with a list of items that should be present in the employment agreement.Before you make a contract of employment, you must perfectly aware.What you and the employer signed the document may be declared invalid if it is not one of the mandatory items.Some employers do not necessarily include agreement items that fail to fulfill their duties to the employee after the conclusion of the agreement.

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement - a complex legal document, which is based on an agreement between the parties after the conciliation procedures.Thus, the settlement agreement - this is nothing, as a result of the concessions, which went hand in order to resolve the conflict, as well as an act of reconciliation.Depending on what is in the framework of a settlement agreement, it formulated reconciliation conditions or concessions agreed to produce not only the parties to the dispute, but also to third parties who are involved in the dispute.

After create a settlement agreement the parties were able to lawyers in the correct form, as well as the procedural actions of the parties have been carried out, the court approves the settlement agreement.The signing and approval of the document is the basis for the termination of a particular procedure.However, this does not mean that one party won a court case, or lost it.It should be noted that this document contains obligations of the parties, which must be met for a specified period in the global agreement.Failure to comply with one of the parties of their obligations under the international agreement entails a regular trial.As a rule, the settlement agreement signed after the talks between the parties to the conflict, which can be implemented within the framework of the hearing.