How to set up internet on megaphone ?

How to set up internet on megaphone ?

For owners of phones and tablets, we provide instructions for exit opportunities in the Internet.Namely, how to set up internet cellular operator "MegaFon".

How to set up internet on your phone

"MegaFon" provides its users with access to the Internet from your phone.This is a great help to people conducting long travel time to and from work or school.For some mobile phone operator provides automatic settings, which can be obtained as follows:

  • send SMS with figure 1 on the toll free number 5049;
  • call the subscription service on the number 0500 from your mobile phone or call 5025500 from a landline.

But there are phone models that do not support automatic configuration system, so their owners have to configure the Internet on your phone manually.This is not complicated enough to adhere to the instructions offered by us.

connection on the official site of "Megaphone"

  1. Click the "Internet" section.
  2. Select "Internet from a mobile phone."
  3. Enter a name for your phone model and the exact conf
    iguration of your data.
  4. Select Internet-GPRS.
  5. Enter your cell phone number.
  6. Dial confirm activation of the service "Mobile Internet" (it will come to you on the phone as an SMS).
  7. then your phone will receive a message "Carrying out the transaction is approved."

Internet settings on your phone

  1. Open the tab "Profiles".
  2. Select the "Communication".
  3. find the service "Mobile Internet Options."
  4. Open "Profiles-Internet".
  5. Select "MegaFon-Internet".

Now restart your phone and go to the World Network.

How to set up internet on your tablet

Configure Internet operator "MegaFon" in the iOS operating system is as follows.

  1. View "Settings" section.
  2. Select the subsection "Cellular Data".
  3. Find the section "the APN settings."

Now you need to enter the parameters of the operator "MegaFon".

  • APN: internet
  • Username: gdata
  • Password: gdata.

Next, make sure that the item "Mobile data" is active, and reboot the tablet can use the Internet.

Internet settings on the system "Android"

Many newer phones and tablets installed a new operating system "Android".Configure Internet Cellular operator "MegaFon" as follows.

  1. Click the "Settings" section.
  2. Select the subsection "Wireless Communications".
  3. Click on "Mobile network".
  4. Select «APN Access Point."
  5. Press will display "New Access Point".
  6. Enter data: user name, password, access point (parameters in iOS system).
  7. other data, leave the default or do not fill at all.
  8. Return to the "Menu" button and click "Save".
  9. In the "Data Transfer" tick you created a new access point.
  10. Restart your mobile device and access the internet at a convenient time for you.

Now you know how to "megaphone" to configure all of your mobile devices by hand.Therefore, do not even specifically choose the model that supports automatic setup.You can buy any gadget and set it up on your own with the help of various mobile operators.