What is the plan?

What is the plan?

own life plan or a business plan - it is always a powerful tool that will allow you to adhere to the desired trajectory on the way to the cherished goal.On the benefits and rules Planning read our article.

Pros competent planning

No matter what kind of goal you want to achieve the plan - this is what will help you in this matter, since:

  • It will allow to understand and formulate precisely what you want.This is extremely important to choose the road of life, or, say, a business orientation;
  • It will allow you to assess what you need to achieve the desired, since the main objective, you'll break into the intermediate;
  • It will encourage you to specify the exact timing for the execution of certain tasks, which will serve as a great incentive for action.

In addition, in the context of commercial activity of good planning is one of the symbols of the serious intentions of the company, professionalism of its managers.No solid structure does not give you investment, if you are, in turn, did not off

er her an impressive business plan.

figure out why there is a plan, let's move directly to the question of life and drawing up business plans.


competent planning Thinking about how to plan for a year, for a shorter or longer period of time, try to follow the following rules:

  • Make a stepwise list of desired objectives - large, significant and complex.After that, each of the elements divide the list into simpler tasks.As a result, you will kind of guide to action - you will see that you need to do on the way to the task.For example, a major goal might look like this:. "To become a good photographer"A smaller targets are as follows: "to buy a quality camera", "explore the theoretical part of the skill", "sign up for training specialists," etc.
  • set goals, try to be both ambitious, but on the other hand - the real.in its achievement.Honestly assess your strength, capabilities, but do not forget to dream.
  • In the course of its movement on the task list do not be afraid to adjust it.Just be careful to changing points must have practical value, otherwise your actions will not contribute to the achievement of its goals.
  • Keep in terms of a place to relax, consider the possibility of feeling unwell, or after the first disease you are very serious knocks schedule.
  • calculate in advance the possibility of force majeure coincidence and plan their behavior in this case.For example: "If the price of a good camera is too high, I am selling a garage (car I still do not have), and spend the money to buy."
  • Any abstract process is required to assign some evaluation criterion - quantitative or qualitative measure with which you can analyze the success of the action.For example, do not write just "learn to pictures" in the plan, and enumerate the list of courses, seminars, training sessions, you will have to visit in a given period of time.Or, say, check for yourself a competition in which you will have to take a certain place.For example, the 5th, 10th - for a start it is not bad at all.
  • At the end of each stage analyze how well you implement the tasks they have learned, what mistakes made and why, how it was possible to prevent them.

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