How to write out invoices ?

How to write out invoices ?

When sales transactions, as well as in the provision of paid services is often necessary to the preparation and execution of a document called an invoice.The program "1C" provides a function of drawing up this document by number, as well as on the basis of the implementation of the document.Here is a short guide that will tell you how to write out invoices in each of these options.

invoice by number

  1. Open program 1 S.
  2. The line, which is at the top, select the item "logs".
  3. In the new window that opens, select the list string "Invoice issued" - will clean the electronic form of the invoice.
  4. Designate the date of the document, its serial number and choose from a counterparty list.
  5. find the tab "offsetting entry" and go into it.
  6. was "with an asterisk folder" icon and click on the box with a value of "new line" - opens a list of nomenclature.
  7. In the list, find the desired product or service and select it by clicking and highlighting.
  8. stamped number of the product and its price.
  9. find the button that says "print" and print documents.
  10. Push the button "Carry" - now drawn invoice will fall in book sales.

invoice on the basis of the document realization

  1. Create implementation document 1C program.
  2. bottom of the window find the link "invoice - enter the invoice" - opens fully formed document.
  3. If prepayment was then specify a payment document (payment date and the document number) in the appropriate section of the window.
  4. If necessary, edit the code of the type of goods or services - by default, the code is affixed 01.
  5. Check the date of issue of the document on paper.
  6. Draw document - click on the "box with an arrow" icon in the top menu of the "action".
  7. find the button that says "print" and print documents.

about how to properly write out invoices (especially execution of this document), we mentioned earlier.Therefore, we offer you to read also our article How to make an invoice.