How to close 20 bill?

How to close 20 bill?

Very often in the accounting report problems with closing 20 accounts, which entails a great time and cost.In order to close the account of 20, perform the following steps.

procedure for closing accounts

  1. In the beginning, we go into the settings of all the accounts that were the company or firm and are available at the end of the month;
  2. there is a column called "the Organization", we find it in the main program menu.We direct the cursor to the desired section and click in the "Go" menu, then we will be moved to the list of major accounting policy settings;
  3. Now we open the graph, which falls during the entire month of being closed, and by double-clicking open the desired settings form;
  4. Then in tab "Production" account twenty and twenty-three we select the column "revenue";
  5. next step we check all matches nomenclature groups which are on the account of the twenty and ninety;
  6. order to score twenty was finally closed, we should check to account for ninety was a sufficient sum for distribution.

Problems and Solutions

  1. In the beginning, you need to check how exactly set the base distribution of all direct costs and accounting policies;
  2. If direct payment is carried out by a planned cost of goods, it is desirable to ensure that it is not zero;
  3. Very often it happens that the order of units has been installed correctly.To resolve this problem, create a document with the exact date of the current period, if we talk about the table that there is available, it is filled in automatically;So
  4. same problem can be unfilled cost analysis, to correct all of the costs in the right areas to fill;
  5. still can not be filled with accounting oncoming release, to fill it is necessary to make all the necessary data in the register.

When an account closure 20, there are a variety of problems.For example, despite the fact that the same account name, but different nomenclature, they can zadvoitsya.It even happens that the fields are simply empty.It's not your fault, and the fault in the program.

order for the closure of the twentieth account successfully, you need to carefully consider all of the above instructions, only in this case, you are guaranteed success and the closing of accounts 20 to happen correctly.