How to register a business?

How to register a business?

employee personal file, a set of documents, which contains full information about the person and about his activities in an educational institution, organization or institution.It is worth noting that the legislation has nothing to do with the personal affairs of employees of any companies, moreover, conducting personal business does the procedure is not mandatory and it is carried out, or under the control of the founder or of the employee.This package of documents allows you to learn quickly about the employee required information.

Let's talk about how to properly arrange a personal matter and what documents must necessarily enter into its composition.Despite the fact that the introduction of the personal file of the process is not usually mandatory, most organizations still pay this much attention and mandatory conduct personal affairs of their employees.After all, in this set of documents is contained not only a simple surface information about a person, but also his achievements at the previo

us place of work, about to take the initiative.Also, very often in a set of documents, you can find the characteristics of previous employers, in the case of a job change may help staff to quickly find a new place.

Standard composition of the personal file

consider in detail how to make out the case and what the paper should be included in it.

  • First of all, as a part of the personal file must be a piece of paper with a list of all other business documents.You can see a sample below.
  • Also included documents should be profile, or at least the personal form of accounting personnel.
  • can not do without a supplement to the personal sheet.
  • Summary is the basic document, the speaker of the previous places of work and human formation.
  • The structure of the personal file must include a copy of education documents and a copy of the employment contract.
  • copy of the order, which states for admission to the workplace.
  • in private business should include several copies of orders, talking about the transfer, if any, took place to be.
  • also need documents, which confirm the changes in the personal data, if any.
  • No private business can not do without certification documents from the field of education.
  • The structure of the documents must include the submission to the translations.
  • Copies of orders on the promotion of employee and impose penalties, if any.
  • Features from previous jobs that support the integrity and responsible attitude to work.

Now you know how to properly arrange the matter, and what documents should be sure to include in it.Above The above is not the whole list of documents, which may include its composition.Also do not forget that part of the documents depends on what position you work and in what division.As well as design depends on the organization, its size and what it does.

considering how to issue a private matter, you need to keep in mind that the order in which your documents are also important.The first step is to collect paper for important hiring and hem them accordingly at the beginning.At the end are attached copies of the declarations and orders of dismissal, plus additional documents.

is important not only to the correct execution of the personal file, but also storage.Usually, how and where the archive will be stored documents, each institution decides on their own, this is not some certain rules.Most often, private affairs are placed in the store, which is located directly in the premises of the institution or the archive.

If the representatives of the institution, decided to keep the case on their own and do not take them to the archive, first of all, they must ensure that the premises for the storage of the chosen has been adapted for this purpose.To do this, the founder shall be obliged to allocate a separate room and equip it with special comfortable racks or cabinets.If a document repository allocated bright room in which are regularly penetrate the sun's rays, you should make sure that the personal affairs are not faded, it needs at the very beginning, to give preference to the cabinets, which can be tightly closed when choosing cabinets and shelving.Also, you should definitely take the necessary measures for the protection of premises, ie: to establish strong lattice, and simple to replace the metal door on the windows.

is also very important to consider the procedure for the storage of personal files, it is necessary to at the right time to easily find the necessary documents.To do this, you must develop a special range of cases or inventory.As a rule, these are special documents containing information such as the number of storage units, number of cases and the duration of their storage.

to the design of the personal file

  • requirements Firstly, the documents of each individual case should be either twisted or neatly filed away in the correct order in the folder.
  • personal affairs leaves should be strung together, numbered and sealed at the end of the seal.
  • must be made a witness list.
  • In some cases, personal files are also added compiling internal inventory of all documents.
  • On the cover of the personal file should be written details of the company: the exact company name, business title, business registration index.

Also, it is worth noting that access to personal affairs are not all get the right information, to make copies of any documents, without any obstacles can directly owner of the personal file and the employer, in turn, is obliged to ensure the secrecy of affairs.And if suddenly some organizations, for whatever reason, need information about the employee, then it is possible to give only after a written request, which must be accompanied by a statement of the former employee, who owns a private affair.

Now you know how to arrange private business employee, what documents must include in its composition and how to store them.It is also now known to you, about how things should be kept private, where and how to obtain copies of relevant documents from the personnel file, if you have changed jobs.