How to change the tariff for a megaphone ?

How to change the tariff for a megaphone ?

you are a subscriber of MegaFon?You are satisfied with the policy and the quality of the company, but do not like the tariff plan?Then you can quickly and easily replace it with any valid data plan, the only condition that the subscriber has set a company is that the new plan should not be listed in the archive.

tariff Choice

Megaphone gives you the opportunity at the same time facilitates you the task: all tariffs are divided into categories depending on your needs and preferences.Since tariffs are divided into tariffs for communication with subscribers of Megafon, to communicate with subscribers from other cities and countries to communicate with subscribers of all operators for active communication, as well as for mobile Internet users.In turn, each category has several tariffs, so that a more suitable tariff will not be difficult.If you are still not sure which tariff is best, you can contact the technical support, or to the office, and it will tell you what tariff suits you best.

process of changing the tariff plan

If you have already decided what tariff prefer, you can only change your current tariff MegaFon to a new one.And for that, first, you must learn how to change the tariff for a megaphone.All quite easy and simple.You need to dial 0500 (if you call from a mobile phone) or 8 (495) 5025500 (if you call from a landline phone) and tell the operator that you want to change the current tariff to the new.Also, the tariff change can be carried out with the help of the service "Service Guide", which provides its subscribers Megafon.Now it seems to be clear how to change the rate of a megaphone.It should be noted that at the first change of the tariff from your account will not be anything written off, but the second or further change will be charged ninety rubles for each shift.If you switch to postpaid tariff plans, then your account will be charged at the rate of monthly subscription fees, but in this case the change of tariff plan will happen on the first day of the following month.

Change tariff for Internet

If you are interested in how to change the Internet tariff megaphone, then you should read all of the above was written, since the change of tariff plans for internet occurs just as for telephone subscribers, with the only difference that the changetariff always occurs on the first day of the following month.