How to recharge MegaFon ?

How to recharge MegaFon ?

Megafon, one of the cellular companies, prochnostoyaschih in the Russian mobile market.To use this connection, it is necessary to Megafon balance was always positive.

How to deposit subscription Megaphone

This can be done in the following ways:

  • cash,
  • an ATM, a bank card,
  • via the Internet,
  • with Megaphone cards, using the phone itself,
  • electronic money.

Depositing cash Megaphone

This can be done in the office, also recharge your phone, you can through the terminals, which are now located almost everywhere, but in some terminals removed the commission.

How to deposit Megaphone

card can recharge via ATM, with his bank card, you only need to insert the card, enter a PIN code by pressing the corresponding service.One of the most convenient and easiest ways to recharge your phone is pre-connected to the service, recharge via bank cards, where with the help of SMS-requests, USSD-commands, or voice menu you may be aware of the balance.

Deposit can occur using avtoplatezha, the phone is

given the command * 117 * amount #.Previously on the Internet to the bank card bound phone, configurable auto-recharge: the decrease in the balance will automatically debit from a bank card, the amount is set in advance.Then comes an SMS message about the amount and payment time.This service is free, without paying commission.

Deposit Megaphone Internet

  • through the Service Guide in the "My Account", after logging into the Internet at MegaFon site by entering the password in the "My Account" and adding to your phone balance,
  • payment with a credit card on the website of the bank whereafter entering the ID and password, you can convert the amount that is required,
  • using electronic money "Yandex-money», «QIWI», «WebMoney», enter the phone number and the amount of the electronic payment system, which will be removed money.

Replenishment via megaphone

payment cards Fill up balance, you can use payment card Megafon, which can be bought in a store, kiosk, supermarket, communications cabin, but there will take a commission.To activate the card from your phone, dial * 110 # PIN-code # call.When you activate the card to another number you need to dial * 110 # PIN-code # subscriber number in international format # call.

activate the card can be via SMS to the number 1100 message besplatno.Pri card activation to your own number in the message indicates the PIN-code activation to another number in the message indicates the PIN-code # number in international format.

How to deposit on Megafon in other countries

Megaphone Account can be recharged also in other countries.Calculate the cash in the supermarkets, shops, points of reception of payments at post offices.Funds are awarded on the phone in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank.The presence of the commission can be found at the provider.