How to sew documents?

How to sew documents?

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As hemming documents?

Currently, there are no strict rules for the firmware files.However, it is desirable to file the documents so that they can easily use and find the right information when needed.About the technique of execution of the firmware read our article How to flash documents.And below is a practical guide to the process of creating a bound file.

How to sew documents

Typically, storage is necessary to collect quite a weighty folder with documents.To do this nice and gently, try the following:

  1. Fold documents in the correct sequence, for example, by date, alphabetically, in a different order.Be careful, because once you podoshete sheets changed state of the archive no longer work.Place pages as straight as possible.
  2. Remove all metal fasteners: paper clips, staples, and more.
  3. Dial on the title page of a computer.In its upper right corner, place the name of the organization, which documents belong to, you can also specify the INN (this is especially
    handy for papers sent to the tax).In the center of the sheet write the name of the archive, for example, "book sales for the year 2014".Below please indicate the archive shelf life according to the rules.
  4. Besides the cover sheet type strip to the spine of the book.Its parameters must be equal to the size of the end portion of sheets stacked together.On this strip of duplicate file name.Print cover pages.
  5. to use firmware and 2 cardboard A4 sheet.On one of them stick the cover sheet.Place the finished artwork on top of the stack of documents.The second sheet of cardboard lay on top of the inscription with the name.
  6. Special stationery awl make 5 holes equidistant from each other on the left side of documentation.If you do not sew, You can do punch holes.We'll have most likely perform the procedure frequently, so make sure that the perforation on all the documents had been made at the same level.
  7. Take a thick needle and thread.Firmware usually lead thread folded in half.Begin to sew the documents below, inserting the needle into the center hole.Leave the ends of the folders on the lower side of a length of about 10 cm.
  8. Sew archive sheets sequentially threading the thread through the holes.Then tie the end of the thread from the beginning and cut off from the needles.
  9. On node need to stick a sheet of paper the size of a square shape of about 5 * 5, see here the responsible person is stamped signature and archiving data.
  10. sheet of cardboard that you put on the cover, fold the back so that he will make the spine of the book.Rear cut unnecessary and Con cardboard.On the spine glue strip with the name of the folder.

So you turned aesthetic book, which can be conveniently stored in both the vertical and horizontal position and, if necessary, easy to find, among other securities.