How to flash the documents ?

How to flash the documents ?

usually working papers stitched to their convenient subsequent storage in the archives of the organization.In fact, firmware documents is one of the simplest, and therefore the more common ways to systematize all printed documents.It is performed in order to reduce their volume, as well as streamline their sequences.It should be noted that the insertion of documents, made according to the rules precludes intentional substitution of the document folder later.Most of the activities, such as, for example, bookkeeping - contains in itself the existence of documents that are in the process of use and storage must be protected, as the substitution of single sheets as well as on their complete withdrawal.

Single approved standards as a sewn documents, for the moment, does not exist, but there are certain principles and the general requirements, which include the presence of the correct numbering of pages and pages of documents, as well as firmware documentary packs with subsequent certification by the se

al and signature of the wholebinder.

firmware Technique documents

In order to properly sew the documents they need to make four puncture intended for placing them in the future in a solid cardboard cover.These punctures necessary to make the left-hand margin of the document directly on, so it is possible to fully preserve the readability of the text contained therein.As a rule, the distance should be between three punctures centimeters.In some cases, instead of four holes is acceptable to make two holes can prokola.Prosverlivat using thick needles or special clerical awl.During the preliminary preparation of documents for filing, all of these metal fittings must be removed (paper clips, safety pins).

If you need to flash the documents for the tax, then after a puncture to be made in the package of documents necessary to sew documents using strong thread.Most often used for this purpose strong monofilament yarn that consists for more reliability twice.After the selection of documents to be stitched, tufting yarn to be tied a knot on the back of the last sheet of the entire list of documents.In addition, it is necessary to have the piercing thread remained free ends, the free ends of the length should be at least five centimeters.

final stage firmware

documents Finally, all firmware must be sealed, and a bundle tufting yarn is necessary to stick a sticker paper (size approximately 4-5cm).The surface of the sticker is meant to further the application of the signature and stamp.Node tufting yarn, can seal the wax seal, if desired.