How to unlock the modem megaphone ?

How to unlock the modem megaphone ?

Sometimes there is a desire to put the modem from Megafon card of another operator.But just so it will not work.To learn how to unlock the modem Megafon, tell our article.

In this case, you will need one of the many Internet services, which are generated by the unlock-codes.They are very easy to find by typing the corresponding request.These services also have a list of compatible models, but they are not complete, so you can safely try.

Example unlock

But how to unlock the modem MegaFon E173, which, incidentally, also not present in the list of services.In order to obtain the necessary security code to be entered in any of the above sites, you will need to learn it (modem) IMEI - the unique ID.In this case, the modem «Huawei E173u-1 'Set this ID on the body of the modem under its hood.This set of numbers must be entered without spaces, hyphens or other dividing characters, then you need to enter the code "captcha" and press «Generate / Calculator».You get eight digits of your modem unlock code

(NCK), which must be somewhere to copy or burn.

Installing Software Now you need to install the program «Megafon Internet», because in this setting, you will receive the necessary drivers for the modem.Also, you need to put the utility «Huawei Modem Code Writer», which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.Now download the program you need to run and press «Select Com Port», then click «Detect», then «Accept».If the correct drivers are installed, the modem must be defined properly.Left click with the «Unlock Modem» inscription and put those generated by the 8 digits that you previously copied or saved.You should see the inscription - «Send Unlock Command» - «OK».

can now be inserted into the SIM-card of another operator modem.You can use either a third-party utility or create a new profile in the standard «Megafon Internet» In order to access the Internet.

Now you know how to unlock USB modem!