How to check the minutes on MTS ?

How to check the minutes on MTS ?

How to check the minutes on MTS knows not every subscriber of the cellular operator.Meanwhile, the need arises quite frequently.At present, there are several ways on how you can check the remaining minutes to subscribers of MTS mobile operator.They are presented to your attention below.

How to check the minutes on MTS?

Check balances minutes on MTS can be yourself using one of the options presented:

  1. Dial command * 100 # and then press the "Call".Then you go to the phone message, which will provide information about how many minutes are left.If your mobile device does not support notification in Russian, then you need to type the command as follows: # 100 # and press the "Call".Then you will receive a message, which will contain English letters.They will be used for transliteration, respectively, the notification itself will be available to read in Russian, therefore it will not have difficulties understanding.Check
  2. free minutes on MTS can help this team: 100 * 2 # + key "Call".After 2-3 seco
    nds after the command dial on the screen of your phone will display all the necessary information.
  3. Check how many minutes are left on the MTS allows the call to the number 0890, where after the answering machine will need to press the "0" key.Then wait for the response of the operator.Then you need to ask him to check your balance in the presence of free minutes.He then tells you how many of them you have to talk.
  4. Go to the site mobile operator on the "Internet Assistant" tab on the main page.Then enter identification information (login and password), if you have previously registered on this resource.After that, you will have access to the necessary information.If the first time you visited the site operator, you go first procedure of registration by filling out the form.After that you need to use the username and password to log in and go to the Members Area.Then go to the tab "Internet Assistant" for information about the remaining minutes.
  5. With the help of information robot.Dial the following number: 0890, and then click on the "Call".Within seconds, a response is received from the robot.It is necessary to accurately follow its instructions.During these you will need to dial your phone by using specific commands.Having done all right, you can see how many minutes you have left.

From this it is clear that the operator MTS provides its subscribers different options, so they can find out how many minutes they have left to talk to them a convenient way.Choose the appropriate method for themselves.In addition, you can also take advantage of the options presented in another of our article - How do I find a minute to MTS.