How do you price ?

How do you price ?

Virtually any company that is engaged in trade, must have an appropriate price list.It is, in fact, quite simple and inexpensive way to disseminate information about their products or services.Prices handed out to potential partners and customers at trade shows, special presentations.Also, price lists can be sent by e-mail, etc.Ways enough.How to make a price list so that it will attract more customers?Good compiled price list is essential appendage to the increase in the company's sales volumes.Better to price list was concise, but at the same time simple and understandable.For this is well suited to add photos with the image of the goods, asthis will improve the visibility of only view price list in front of customers.

Drawing pricelist

Consider the basic rules of drawing up the price list.

  • Before you create a price list, you need to arrange the upper part - a price cap.It must specify the contact information of the company, iethe name, legal and actual addresses, and contact numbers, addres
    s of the official site and e-mail address.Optionally, you can specify the mobile phone number of the responsible for the sales manager, or can be attached his business card.In addition, a price cap should specify the type of goods or services for which and made the price list.It is also desirable to specify and producers this product.
  • following table must be placed where it is necessary to register a number of mandatory data: the serial number, product name, product number, unit of measurement - pieces, weight, packaging, etc., as well as the price of one item..If the price list includes products from different manufacturers, it is necessary to add the column, which will be specified by the manufacturer.
  • in how to make a price list, also has its own nuances.For example, one can introduce additional column - "Optional" or "Note".In this column, you can specify additional clarification on the prices or the composition of products.
  • At the bottom of the table you need to specify shipping methods, delivery terms, an additional system of discounts or other final points of the price-list.
  • drawing up the price, it is worth to know that in 2005 a law prohibiting the display prices of goods in conditional units.Because of this, the prices of goods and services must be indicated in national currency.
  • Also, before you make a price list, it is necessary to decide what he should be kind.Ideally, the price list to be a fixed size.Also, there must specify the availability of stock for each item.This is important becausefor many buyers of the goods sometimes more important than the presence of its price.It will also complicate your competitors the ability to track your product inventory.

Design price list

Before you issue a price list, you must pay attention to the information contained therein.It should be brief, but comprehensive and fully inform the buyer of your company.It is enough for 3-4 capacious and laconic phrases that potential customers can get a full picture of the activities of your company.

  • As already mentioned, the main headings should be in the form of the table.This is much clearer than the text, even divided into sub-items.The information should be descriptive, namely in the table is most easily positioned next to and explanation, and his image, and price.
  • On the back of the price list you need to specify the address of the company, the most clear and simple directions to your office, and hours of operation.
  • Decorate price list on company letterhead.It is better not to abuse bright colors and fanciful graphics, except in special cases.
  • If your company's services or products are exclusive, and the price is virtually changed, you can create a price list as a full brochure or catalog of original design with an abundance of photographs.To do this, should contact the advertising agency or a printing agency, which can help to develop this kind of booklet will be able to pick up all related materials suitable style.
  • If the company, on the contrary, is specialized in the sale of consumer goods, the price of which varies often enough, it is best to create and print price lists on their own, becauseIn this case, the relevance of the information contained therein comes to the fore.
  • Print the document on A4 pages using 2-3 colors.Choose the font is not too small, but still try to keep your price list compact and easy to read.