How do I create a report ?

How do I create a report ?

writing reports - this is a standard procedure that is characteristic of the activity of most enterprises.They can be manually or use built-in software features for reporting.From this article you will learn how to create a report in 1C program.

Create report

  1. Run 1C program.
  2. Select "Configuration" menu on the top panel.It look for the "Reports" menu and click on it.Locate the "Add" drop-down list item.It will open a new form in front of you.Fill in the fields "Name" and "Synonym", and if necessary - the "Comments".
  3. is "Open data layout scheme" button at the bottom of the window.Click it.In the window that appears, fill in the fields "Name", "Synonym" and, if necessary, "Comment".Click "Finish" button.Designer opens the data composition schema.
  4. report is created on the basis of certain data.Here are their range and we have to determine.To do this, click on the button "Add a set of data" tab located in the "Data Set".Now select "Add a dataset query."Enter the text of the request.For this purpo
    se, you can use the "Request" field or use the query designer.If you choose the last option, you can create complex queries.Open the tab "Tables and Fields" and define the subject of the request.For example, if you need the data on the balances, they are stored in the tab "Accounting / accumulation."In the Database tree and locate the table.Click it twice.So you select all the tables, on the basis of which will generate reports.Open the table and mark the field from which to retrieve data for the report.Click "OK".
  5. Go to the direction of resources.To select them, open the tab "Resources".Locate the required check box in the resource list, and click it.
  6. Now for the report settings that are used when the program starts.In the "Settings" tab, select the tiles "Design Layout Settings".In the designer, select the type of report used for the field report, a way of grouping columns and rows.Creating a report is completed.
  7. Confirm the need for database configuration.Open the tab "Options" and select "Report".In the list, click on the report you created and click "OK".Click on the button "Generate" and get a report.

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