How to create a portfolio ?

How to create a portfolio ?

in search of work, especially the remote, you will need a well-written portfolio.It will act as a certain self-promotion by showing what you can do, and why you should hire.The question is, how do you create a competent portfolio?


portfolio With a portfolio can provide examples of their own work and projects to a potential employer could see the level of your professionalism.Customer need to know how the Executive fit needs and requirements.

Therefore, without an attractive portfolio is difficult to do, and its creation should be given time.Do not do this business in a hurry: it is better to spend more hours, but to do quality.

basic rules for creating a literate portfolio

  • To create a portfolio should select only the best and, if possible, his work fresh.
  • Do not overload the portfolio.If you are working on several fronts (creation of website and photography, for example), then highlight each no more than 10-20 work.
  • Update portfolios that it is "alive".This enables the customer to und
    erstand that the quality of your work is still on top.
  • Keep a portfolio - for example, on a flash drive.Or carry a business card with the address of a personal site with examples of projects.Customer can occur in the most unexpected place.
  • Place portfolio on personal sites, remote work exchanges or special resources.An example of such a network:
  • Proper design portfolio - a mandatory step.Must be maintained overall style, added to competent job descriptions, customer reviews.

Consider the steps of creating a portfolio to a specific example.

Portfolio designer

  • Collect the work that you think best.Mediocre is better not to insert.Portfolio - this is the most striking examples of your art projects, they show what heights you can achieve in the works.
  • If there is large among customers, "name", be sure to include them.You can ask these customers to write a review about your work and place it in the portfolio - a great advertising work.
  • If you do not want to create a personal website, that is enough resources, where you can place a portfolio of the designer.It is better to choose paid services, which will be more reliable.As a rule, they offer rates with different capabilities.There is a pro account type, which has the most expensive rate, but gives more opportunities to self.
  • there are very good among free resources - coroflot and
  • Add a description of the site itself as a designer - how long are engaged, working in any style that you are interested.The text should have a potential customer's address is at your disposal.

Do not forget good portfolio - a pledge of productive work.How to arrange the portfolio class, read our article How to Make a Portfolio class, but about the general rules of portfolio design - another of our article How to make a portfolio.