How to hide the number: Megaphone ?

How to hide the number: Megaphone ?

So, if you are puzzled over the problem of how to hide the number megaphone, then go to your rescue!Several options, but the main difference is that the free version - the easiest.


  1. Let's start with the most simple and free of charge - changing call settings, this is done: Settings - Call settings - Send my number - Disable.
  2. In second place is also tested and free way - recruit local phone number to which calls are going, and to put the following combination of numbers: # 31 # 79 *********
  3. next way - connect option "Caller ID"(CLIR), the monthly fee for which is 5 rubles per day, but for the connection are charged 10 rubles.Consider the connectivity options of this very option:
  • dial * 105 * 3 * 2 * 3 * 1 * 1 # and call, or another number: * 105 * 501 #.
  • contact the contact center Megaphone with this issue under number 0500.
  • enter personal account on the official site of Megafon (www. Megafon. Ru) (the address may be different depending on the region).My Account allows you to m
    anage services and options of the hotel.

Well, well!How to hide the number MegaFon we found.All firms or companies that work in the service sector have a policy of "Create the problem and offer a solution to this problem" - a kind of economic progress.No exception and the company Megafon - how to find a hidden room, it offers you, again, for a certain amount of subscription fee again:

  1. order detail of calls received on your phone number, details come to the post office, not the other way.Ordered detail by calling 0500 and following the instructions of the robot.If you calls from hidden numbers are not accepted (remained unanswered or cleared), the call is displayed in detail.To find out the number from which you call, pick up the phone, take the call.
  2. second way to order detail - go to the Members Area on the official website of the company, from which will be able to manage this option.
  3. visit the company's office and ask to solve your problem (you may need a passport).
  4. pass any mobile shop, where you make a printout of calls for a certain period of time.