Which tariff " MegaFon " is more profitable ?

Какой тариф "Мегафона" выгоднее?

choosing a cellular service provider, you probably first notice the variety of tariff lines and the fact, how beneficial would be for you to offer it by this operator.If you decide to use the services of "Megaphone", you can be sure that this is a great solution, because this operator Big Three a huge selection of rates and good conditions.Which tariff "MegaFon" is more profitable?Reply to this question is clearly impossible.There are many different factors to consider.Firstly, the region where you are, because in different areas of payment conditions can be different.Secondly, you need to decide what you need this rate: for the Internet, to communicate in roaming to make calls to your friends, and so on.Which tariff "MegaFon" is the most profitable?To answer for myself this question, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the offers that you will find on the official website of the operator of your region.Choosing the best option, you can save.

What to look for when choosing a tariff

Choosing fare, compare between such indicators as the subscription fee, the availability of free additional services, the cost of outgoing calls, the ability to connect additional options.

So, before you choose a tariff plan, answer the following questions:

  • how many minutes on average, I'm talking on the phone?
  • how long are my calls on a daily basis and in a month?
  • whether the tariff is enough for me with per-minute billing, or it is better to connect the unlimited connection?
  • what number do I need - straight or federal?
  • there is a need in a beautiful, golden room, or is limited to simple?

answers to all these questions, you can easily pick up a desired rate.If you experience any difficulties, refer to the user's service consultants who will help you to decide with a choice.

Popular rates at "MegaFon»

remind that in different regions of the tariffs at "Megaphone" can be different.But throughout the Russian unified remains classification:

  • rates to communicate with subscribers on intercity
  • for calls to subscribers of "MegaFon»
  • special rates
  • to communicate with subscribers of all, without exception, operators
  • tariffs for those who actively usecommunication
  • special tariffs for mobile Internet

Among the popular tariff plans in Moscow and the Moscow region will allocate the following:

  • tariff "General."This tariff with unlimited communication system in Moscow, long-distance route, and within the network itself.Once connected to the network, you can choose both direct and federal number.The tariff is suitable for those who often goes on business trips and talks on the long-distance communication.
  • «Business Unlimited».He can talk in Moscow and the region with a monthly subscription fee of 850 rubles.
  • «Firm".It is a universal plan.With additional options can be customized under the profile and intensity of use absolutely any employee.

Now you can independently determine which favorable tariff "MegaFon" is right for you!