How do you know MTS tariff plan?

How do you know MTS tariff plan?

Operators often updated tariff line, releasing more comfortable and convenient.Often, however, studying the new proposals, the subscriber can not understand what the rate is optimal for him - his current or new, and all because they do not even know what his fare.Let's see, how can you know your tariff plan MTS customers.

dedicated team

The easiest way to find out your tariff plan, by dialing USSD-combination * 111 * 59 # call.In response to the client request to see the on-screen message content "Query processed, wait for a response in the form of SMS," and in a moment receive an SMS with the name of the tariff plan.To learn the details of the tariff need to visit the company's web site or contact support.

If you send a USSD-command instead of the message "The request is processed, wait for a response in the form of the SMS", you see strange symbols, you need to perform a translation into Russian.This can be done with the help of USSD-command * 111 * 6 * 1 # call.


previous method to lea

rn the tariff problem is that the team is quite complex and it can be forgotten.In this case, use the SMS-service MTS: send the text of the "6" to the number 111. Information about the tariff will come to you in the reply SMS.

Internet Assistant

Check your fare can be and with the help of a personal account, in this case do not even need to remember the simple, the SMS command.Go to the page personal account in the "Phone Number", enter your number in the "Password" - your personal password.In the event that a password you do not click on the link "Get password by SMS".


Of course, the classic way to learn the tariff for calls to a service support has not been canceled operator: dial 0890 (mobile) or 8-800-250-0890 (from any landline telephone) and wait for the response of the operator, or use the desireda combination of an answering machine.

Office Visit

Your plan can be specified in the operator's office consultants, but perhaps this is the least convenient way, unless you are from the office in the vicinity.

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