How do I know landline ?

How do I know landline ?

Sometimes you need to know a landline number of the individual or organization.

Make it not so easy, as some services are working in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" (152 - FZ).This article will try to understand how and in what ways you can learn telephone.

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If you want to know the telephone number of an individual or a specific organization, you can use different options:

  • urban reference services;
  • online services;
  • telephone directories;
  • «yellow pages."

City directory services

The easiest way - to apply to the municipal help line.For information, you must specify the name of the desired person and address (if you know this information).This way you can learn a landline number.For example, Moscow's residents can obtain the necessary information about the organizations by number 8 (499) 703-0-222 (reference maximum-info).You can also contact the help line 09. If you need to call from a mobile phone, you should use the number 009, but in this case, r

eference will be paid.Initial cost - 30 rubles.

should be noted that every city has its own help desk, information about which is on opoccuu site.

Online Services

If you can not get through to telephone service, it is necessary to find a suitable option among online services.Muscovites and residents of other regions can obtain such information on spravochnik09 sites can be found on the network by specifying the appropriate city.

Also, do not forget about social networks (VKontakte, Facebook), where users often leave their details, including telephone numbers, both mobile and urban.Looking at their page, you can get the required data.

Telephone directories

not be ruled out and the use of printed telephone directories, which can be purchased in the communication centers.Knowing the name and address of the person, you can find a phone number, unless, of course, this information is recorded in the book.

«Yellow Pages»

This service makes it easy to find the address of the organization you need.Search ellowpages available on out the name of the desired organization, you will get a list of organizations with the same name, where you can select the appropriate option for you.In addition, the present site and advanced search option where you can specify other than the name and city to find that accelerates the search in many cases.

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