How do I find a short number ?

How do I find a short number ?

now increasingly on the various services on the network, the media offer to send an SMS to a short number, and in return receive any service for a small fee.The proposals are very attractive and low cost, but it is not always true.People began to realize this and often wonder how to find the short number to avoid cheating and know it is tied to any operator.


Short number - a phone number, having from three to five digits instead of the standard.Such numbers are often used by different organizations, help, emergency services.

short codes are divided into:

  • Dialing - when dialing numbers that the promise of a call done.
  • Messaging - numbers that need to send messages.

How do you know the cost of short rooms?

Each mobile operator - MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele 2 - provides on its homepage an opportunity to learn on the number Cost of service and description.That's where the most reliable information.

megaphone to determine the cost of an SMS using the following command from your ph

one: * 107 * short number # and call button.The service is free.

operator Tele 2 is also provided free of charge service on your phone: * 125 * # short number.By dialing 611, you can also find out about the cost of SMS, without paying a penny.How do I know

federal number for short?

Sometimes a cell phone receives a call, and it is not clear what this number: the city or federal.Of course, this does not often happen because the operators in most cases give federal version, when standing in front of number 7, then the three-digit area code and phone number.But it is possible to get the convenience of a short version.

Determine the short version of the full federal number is very difficult, we can only know the last 4 digits.After all, today operators offer short code set on having a length (in the form of the last four digits of the federal option).Also, federal number for the short can be found by calling the operator.

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