MTS : how to connect the promised payment ?

MTS : how to connect the promised payment ?

Despite the fact that today there are many ways to promptly refill, sometimes none of them are not suitable, and, nevertheless, a zero balance, and make a call is necessary.In such a case, mobile operators have come up with a convenient option "Promised payment".

This article will tell you what the option is "Promised Payment", how it works and how to connect to MTS subscribers.

options Option Terms "Promised payment" allows you to recharge the mobile balance at the expense of the operator.Thus the amount by which the subscriber wants to recharge, he can choose himself, in the range from 1 to 800 rubles, depending on the monthly communications costs.

more active subscriber communicates, the more available transfer.If a customer spends per month on communication options no more than 300 rubles, the maximum bracket promised payment for it - 200 rubles, if the costs amount to 300-500 rubles, the maximum strip - 400 rubles, if the user spends more than 500 rubles per monthconnection, it may reques

t a promised payment of up to 800 rubles.


To enroll promised payment, select one of the ways:

  • send USSD-command * 111 * 123 #;
  • call the number 1113;
  • use the Internet Assistant;
  • contact an operator by number 8-800-250-0890;
  • contact your nearest salon operator.


options Promised payment is credited for the period of 7 days and is available for enrollment, if the subscriber's balance is not less than minus 30 rubles.It must be returned within 7 days after enrollment payment, otherwise the number will be blocked.

In that case, if the amount of the promised payment is less than 30 rubles, the operator does not relieve the client of funds for the provision of services.If the subscriber wants to enroll at the expense of more than 30 rubles, the cost of the service is 7 rubles - cost operator will deduct from the amount provided by the payment.

If the client is serviced by MTS operator less than 60 days, it is available the promised payment of up to 50 rubles, and enrollment can be made only with a positive balance.

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