How do I know the federal number?

How do I know the federal number?

Of course, you often fall into a situation that you need to quickly determine which number you called: local or federal.The difference between the federal number from a local is that you can call on him from all over the world.Direct number is given 123-45-67, and federal - X-xxx-123-45-67, where X - the country code xxx - city code (region), or your mobile operator.According to figures xxx can learn from some of the region calling.We distinguish


How do I know the federal number?Very simple.If you have a mobile phone, then there will likely not have to learn anything, because mobile operators give it in this format, but not always.Consult federal number from a landline (home or work) will be slightly more complicated.For Russia, the country code is +7, writing at the beginning of it, then the code of your city, and then to your room.All federal version is ready.Many of us often gaining 8 instead of 7, so the call is charged as long distance rather than international.Although there is no m

istake, if you type 7, as the system automatically detects the type of your call.

mobile operators to help

can also learn from the full version of the mobile operator of your room.The fact that different operators federal number may differ from the short.For example, MTS short version turns into a federal Only prefix prefix, but at Tele2 short number is often completely different from the "long".And if with calls for long-distance communication is not a problem if you only use the area code, then the SMS delivery is just the opposite: they are delivered only on the "long" version of your number.Learn

federal number for urban as possible on the bases, but only if your operator to become generous and lay such, it happens very rarely.The most popular are operators such as MTS, Megafon and Beeline.Almost all tariff plans of mobile data companies immediately available federal number.Codes federal numbers three leaders: MTS - 916 Megaphone - 920 Beeline - 903.