How to dial a phone number ?

How to dial a phone number ?

A few decades ago we did not know that the time will come when we will be able to call from almost any corner of the globe!But often we forget to set the correct sequence of numbers.But this is very important!Then we'll tell you how to dial a phone number.

most important - is to choose the right package for your calls.Sometimes it is more convenient to buy two or even three starting package, because services are provided so that calls to numbers of other operators is extremely disadvantageous.But now it is no longer a problem, the existing telephone for two or more SIM cards.

Calls in Belarus

first recruited eight (if you are calling from Russia), then type in the top ten, so you go out to the international line.The next step - enter "375" (Code of the Republic Belarus).Then enter or city code or mobile operator code, and only then dial the phone number.

How to dial a phone number

It all depends from what phone number you'll call: mobile or city.If you are calling from a mobile phone, then f

irst you need to dial the country code: plus three hundred and eighty, then recruit the operator code, and behind it and the number itself.But it is possible that audibility is not the best, and the call can be interrupted at any moment.With the recruitment procedure is slightly different landline.This sequence: 8 (beep) then 10, then dial the code of Ukraine, then the area code (it can learn from the Internet), and then just dial a phone number itself.

There are moments when one hundredth end tools or simply call mobile expensive.

recommendations for making calls

Find the number to which you want to call, so do not dial an extra number when calling.Typing should be, as they say "in one fell swoop," because, if you'll gain with long pauses, the station can understand by this call to another city to your home phone.

Keep in mind that when dialing from your home number to a cell instead of the seven need to recruit eight.Plus seven - is the code of the Russian Federation.City PBX that forwards all calls from fixed phones, means that the call is a landline number, and it makes it clear eight PBX that an international number or cell phone.

As we wrote earlier, after a set of eights you waiting for a dial tone.Then you type in a cell phone number.The sequence of the operator code (three digits), the number (seven digits).

If you call a mobile number of another operator in another country, the procedure is very similar to the previous one.Gaining eight, waiting for a dial tone, then recruit ten (indicating that it is an international call), then we collect the mobile number of the operator.

We hope that our article more than once you will help, but it should also be noted that for the elderly is better to write a phone number to call abroad or a cell with all the whistles or their absence.That is, after that the numbers, which should be a beep (or on the contrary it should be) and prescribed in the manual "beep" or "no dial tone".