How to dial an extension number ?

How to dial an extension number ?

Today, virtually every major company organizes regular and coordinated work by the introduction of so-called extensions.Extension is a numerical identifier assigned to a specific line of the enterprise, for example, a specific department.So, you may notice that the phone company, where you need to call, consists of two parts.The first would mean the main company phone number, while the second (usually indicated in parentheses) will thus extension number that will connect you to the appropriate department or person.Not all faced it, or not at all it turns out, because'll show you how to dial the extension number correctly.

Extension: a set of rules

To begin, type the main phone number.Usually followed by the word autoresponder that lists all the extensions that the person could choose what he needs, and reach.VoiceMail need to listen to the end!

Next you need to set your phone (if it is not translated) in the tone mode.Tone mode - this mode is set, when you hear the beeps certain tones (differen

t for different digits) by pressing phone buttons.Another mode - pulse - this is when you hear when dialing clicks a certain length (the higher the number, the duration of the clicks).There are two ways to connect the tone mode.The first - on the phone has a dedicated button (can be on the back side) "Pulse-Tone".We need to make it Tone.Second way: click a button has an asterisk after listening to the answering machine "*" on the unit (including numbers, usually at the bottom).You hear a sound switch, let the phone time to switch.

After switching to tone mode, start typing in the phone extension number (it is not necessary to reset immediately dial the number).You will hear at every press of the button gudochek (tone), it will mean that you're doing it right.

happens, the PBX fails, you can connect properly.Do not worry, just ask the person to whom you have come, dial extension number and switch you to wherever you need to.As a rule, employees of the company concerned with the reputation of the organization and will treat your situation with understanding.

If you need to call this scheme, it is better to use a regular phone, since dial an extension number from a mobile does not always work.Plus money for the call will be read from the beginning connected to an answering machine.