How to set up call forwarding ?

How to set up call forwarding ?

All mobile operators provide service "Forwarding" which allows you to stay in touch, even if the unit is out of order.It is enough to dial the number or ask for help from your service provider.


Network Clients "Megaphone" can use the "Forwarding", redirecting calls to a mobile phone.To do this, you can contact the subscription service on the number 0500 (for calls from a mobile phone) and 507 - 7777 (for calls from fixed phones).Also, you can manually connect the service.** You must enter the special code * phone number * 11 #.Codes for redirection:

  • 21 - is activated to divert all calls, without exception;
  • 61 - in this case, call forwarding is activated, you can not answer a call;
  • 62 - if the mobile device is turned off or out of network access zone;
  • 67 - if your number is busy at the time of the call.

If you want to cancel the selected service by dialing a code # ##.To completely deactivate the service "Call Forwarding", you need to dial ## 002 #.

MTS mobile operator "MTS"

has simplified the use of the service.The client may contact the operator by number 8-800-333-0890 and order a service (this service is paid), or use the self-service system, for example, to do this with the help of "SMS-Assistant" or "Internet Assistant", which is on the officialthe company's website.

«SMS - Assistant»

To activate the service, do the following:

  • send an SMS to number 111 with the embedded text in 2111;
  • send an SMS to number 232 with the text "Reg" or «ON».

After receiving a reply SMS, you can change the settings in your account on the website of MTS.

You can also use the services of "Mobile portal" by dialing * 111 * 40 # and press Call.

Do not whinge about the universal and forwarding commands:

  • ** 21 * phone number * # - divert all incoming calls;
  • ** 67 * phone number * # - suitable if the station is busy;
  • ** 62 * phone number * # - If the caller is not available.
  • can deactivate the service by number ## 002 * phone number #.


«Beeline" provides an opportunity to set up call forwarding to any phone: mobile, city and even international.You can use the services of the operator to activate the service by calling 0674 09 031. If you can not call from your phone, you can contact the number on the Customer Care Center (495) 974 - 8888. But in this case may be asked to passport data.

You can also use a standard set of codes:

  • ** 21 * phone number * # - divert all incoming calls;
  • ** 67 * phone number * # - suitable if the station is busy;
  • ** 62 * phone number * # - If the caller is not available.

By dialing ## 002 #, you can cancel call forwarding.

connection is free, but the price per minute depends on the number on which you install this service.For example, if your phone is a prepaid payment system, you will not pay anything, but if you want to forward your calls to numbers that start with 8-800, you will have to pay 3.50 p / min.With rates can be found on the official website of "Beeline".


Company "for Tele2" also provides the service "Call forwarding".For subscribers of the mobile network it is free.Establishing a set of codes for service is the same as that of "Biline".Keep in mind that phone numbers must be entered through seven.

If you are going to a different region, you should keep in mind that roaming will be included, which would entail additional costs.

more information about connecting forwarding can be found in the article How to make a redirect.