Why shoot of MTS money?

Why shoot of MTS money?

Today, many mobile operators to withdraw money from the accounts of its customers for services that are never used and are not going to use.Many questions related to MTS.In particular, many customers are "red-white" operator can not understand why shoot of MTS money, even on the day when you do not make any calls, not able to access the Internet and other actions by the subscriber.If you have a similar situation, it is necessary to start to see if you really are not connected to any paid services, and do not use them.

Find out how much money a day removed from your account.It's very simple - look at the balance of your phone and may not call a day from your phone.By the way, this can be done in a day, even when you can turn off the phone at night.Then you will know for certain, to withdraw money from MTS phone or not, and most importantly, you will learn how much money was withdrawn.

Imposed services

hard enough to understand the normal client MTS tariffs, because they are constantly changing.I

f you now propose to use almost free MTS services, find out, are not included if its constituent specific services for that particular board can be removed before connecting to a particular service, and every day, regardless of whether the use of these services orno.But the situation may be different.For certain services may not shoot board, but the operator provides tariff fee - it could be daily or monthly.Practice shows that most services do not need an ordinary person, who uses a mobile phone solely for talking.

finally find out why remove money on MTS can only see a printout of the operator.Therefore, go to the nearest branch of MTS and ask you to make a printout of the services in the past month.In her daily amount will be specified, which can be removed for service.It is strongly recommended to immediately turn off here, in the department of MTS services you do not use.You can use and contact numbers that are posted on the official website of MTS.