How to borrow on MTS ?

How to borrow on MTS ?

money in the account always end at the most inopportune moment, and in spite of the fact that today there is a huge number of ways to promptly refill, sometimes the subscriber may not use any of them.Fortunately, the operators have come up with for their clients yield even from such a situation.This article will explain how to take the debt from the operator MTS.

At full confidence

This option makes it possible to use the communication options, while the balance of subscriber reaches the limit (minus 300 rubles).And if the customer communication costs make up more than 500 rubles a month, 6 months off threshold will be doubled, after a further six months, the limit can be changed to minus 750 rubles.

option connects for free and does not involve a subscription fee.

To connect option, you need to dial the mobile simple USSD-command (* 111 * 32 #, the call), or use the "Internet Assistant".It is important to note that when connecting to the client the option is charged to 120 loyalty points.

use of the option available to all MTS customers, except for subscribers of tariff plans "Cool", "Your country", as well as lines of "Guest", "MTS Connect" MTS and iPad.

more detailed description of the options you can read the official site of MTS option on a special page.

Promised payment

option "Promised payment" allows the client to ask the operator to refill.The operator can borrow the client from 1 to 800 rubles depending on the subscriber's desire and his monthly communication costs.

option can be connected:

  • via USSD-command * 111 * 123 # call;
  • dialing 113 call;
  • using the "Internet Assistant".

option connects free, subscription fee does not include.If the customer takes a loan of less than 30 rubles, the service is free, otherwise the cost of the service is 7 rubles.

to take the promised payment, you need to dial * 111 * 123 # call and in the box that appears to indicate the necessary amount of recharge from 1 to 800 rubles.It is important to note:

  • if your communication expenses do not exceed 300 rubles per month, the maximum promised payment of 200 rubles;
  • when communication costs are in the range of 300-500 rubles, the maximum promised payment of 200 rubles;
  • if the average monthly spending on communication are more than 500 rubles, the maximum bracket promised payment - 800 rubles.

Important!The option is available if customer balance is not less than minus 30 rubles.

more detailed description of the options you can read the official site of MTS option on a special page.

more about the options, allowing you to stay in touch with zero and negative balance, can be found in a special section of the website of MTS - Opportunities at zero.

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