How to find out whose phone number ?

How to find out whose phone number ?

The most common problem is to identify the phone owner arises when an unknown number are beginning to enter the suspicious calls or messages.It was then that we wonder: how to find out whose phone number gives us uncomfortable?There are both legal and illegal ways to do it.

How do you know whose phone number you are concerned about?

legal way to establish the identity of the subscriber number.Not all of them are easily doable, but you can be sure that for the use of these methods, you will not be punished.Of course, the easiest way, but not always successfully - to try to call the phone number whose owner you do not know.However, if this method to find out the identity of the owner of the phone number will not be possible, there are other, more effective ways.

Contact the police or to the operator of cellular communication

If calls from unknown numbers you come too often or if unknown to you the number you receive messages and phone calls with threats and insults, you can contact the mobile of

fice.It is necessary to write a statement, which should detail the reasons for your appeal.After consideration of the application by representatives of mobile operator can provide you with the necessary data.

You can also go to the police, there to present your claim or claims.If the representatives of law enforcement bodies will consider your arguments quite weighty, an official request to the operator of cellular communication will be made, after which you will be able to know whose cell phone number was the cause of your anxiety.

Illegal ways

addition to the above-mentioned legal ways to find out whose cell phone number you are concerned, there is also illegal.They require less effort, but their use can lead to quite serious consequences.

use purchased

databases The easiest way is from the illegal purchase of a database of phone numbers.Such a way to know who owns a phone number, there are a few drawbacks.First, the database may be significantly out of date, which means you will not find on the disc bought reliable data.Second, free to find out whose phone number you are concerned, obviously, will not succeed because the database you buy over a certain amount.Should this opportunity to determine the names of the owners of phone numbers, depending on the specific situation.

Use online databases

data Similarly, there are and the sites where databases are located.Buying access to the site, you get access to the database for a specific period or indefinitely.Many online resources offer the opportunity on a phone number to determine the approximate spatial location of the subscriber up to the region and the city.Thus, you can narrow down the individuals who might call you.Perhaps you are concerned about your old friend, and you can remember it, defining the city, from which the call comes.

It so happens that the phone number is hidden, and it seems that it is impossible to define its subscriber.However, it can be done using the tips from the article How do you know the caller's phone number.

If you need to define a landline number on any available data, you can use the tips given in the article How do you know your home phone number.