Who owns the cell number?

Who owns the cell number?

determine who owns the cell phone number is not easy.Methods depend on the reason why you need to find out who is calling you.We try to understand the different methods of determining the identity of the caller.You pick and choose what suits you.

simple way to

If you have missed a call from an unknown number, the easiest way to call on him and ask who he is himself the subscriber.Did you get into the office of any firm.Ask her name.If it you anything does not speak, say your first and last name.This will help to orient the employee, he was going to contact you with any question.

using the services of a search engine

If you are very lucky, introducing an unfamiliar number in line search engine, you will get the answer to the question of who was calling.After all, many of us often leave their phone number in different ads and messages.


base in major cities in the markets you can buy CDs with databases of different phone numbers.Determine so who owns the cell phone number, you can no

t always.The process does not differ reliability, because no one can guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Online database

Now the Internet can find a lot of databases that you can use to find out who owns a particular phone number.This database can be downloaded here: bazasot.net.There are both free and paid sites.But, unfortunately, the information, and in fact, and in another case, it may be inaccurate and outdated.After all, these databases are illegal.

Call me from another room

You can call the subscriber with an unknown number of others.The main thing that this phone operator coincides with the mysterious number.Dial the person and, posing as a representative of the company's cellular communications, try to figure out under the pretext of its data.A great way - to score a stranger via Skype.So you can record your conversation.His record will, if necessary, physical evidence.

Contact the police

If you received threatening phone calls, be sure to contact the police.They have the authority to enable them to receive information about the owner of the hotel from the mobile operators.Alas, the defenders of the law is not always qualitatively doing their job.In this case, you can help the following method.

for assistance to the private detective

Private detectives and investigative agencies are much more motivated than the police.Therefore, their performance is much higher.Some of them specialize in establishing identity for photos, phone number.Advice - before payment services read reviews about a particular company / person.The demand for such information is always there, so there is a chance to get to the scam.

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