How to set up mms on MTS ?

How to set up mms on MTS ?

No matter what kind of person and telephone operator (MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, etc..), He must know how to get along with them.Agree, why do you need a device filled with a mass of useful features, if you do not know how to use them?In today's world, anyone can help a specialist in the area of ​​interest for a certain wages or the Internet for free.Today we will try to do everything on their own through the Internet.So, as the mobile operator you chose MTS.Consider such an interesting thing as a mms.How to set up mms on MTS?

What is MMS?

MMC is a special technology that allows mobile devices can transfer pictures, music, videos, or your voice.Simply put, MMS messages in the phone - a message, which can contain not only text (such as SMS), but also images, sounds and voice.

If one is trying to send you a MMS-ku, and your phone does not support MMS, you will receive messages in the form of a simple web link where you can see what you have been addressed.Why the Internet?Because the files are sent vi

a MMS service is stored on the server of the operator.And in order to send or receive MMS, you first need to configure them on your phone.

Set up MMS to MTS mobile phone company

From your mobile phone then nothing depends.MTS: set up mms on Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc., are all one!The main thing to remember that MMS settings are available only through the operator.It is easier and safer to just go to the cellular interior to the MMC you set up an experienced specialist.They teach that good.But there is another way.


  1. Come on
  2. Choose the region where you live.
  3. Press «Private clients".
  4. Choose the "Help and Service" on the left.
  5. right in the column look for the word "Settings".
  6. Further presses "Phone Settings."
  7. you read that if the phone is new, there is nothing to configure on the MTS is not necessary.Feel free to use the MMS service and internet.But times have you wondered MMS settings, then you really need it.Then enter the number into a special box on this page, thus ordering settings.It is necessary to answer the security question and click the red button "Send Settings".The procedure is free of charge!
  8. appears green inscription "Settings successfully sent."
  9. very quickly on the mobile phone specified number will receive an SMS with instructions.Follow them, and you have configured the MMC.

And just in case: if the setup did not come, which is rare, click on help in the same window: "What if the settings are not saved, or do not come."It will tell you how to set up MMS manually.The main thing here - to choose your phone model.And if, for example, you need to set up mms on your phone MTS, simply select "Other Phones".Good luck!