How to set up on the MTS Internet?

How to set up on the MTS Internet?

MTS is one of the leading mobile operators in Russia and CIS countries.To date, the number of subscribers using services as a worldwide network of the operator, is over 2.5 million. Man.

buying a sim card or mobile device MTS, you can automatically use the Internet, provided by the company.

If you are unable to access the Internet on their own, then you can get the settings to access the Internet directly to the company's official website -, for this you need only to enter the mobile phone number.

How to get Internet from MTS manually?

If you decide to set up a worldwide network to your device manually, the settings listed below will help you in this, they are designed with a focus on the most modern gadgets.

Internet access settings from the MTS GPRS / EDGE:

  1. Seeking Profile - MTS Internet (MTS Internet);
  2. data channel - GPRS;
  3. Access Point Name -;
  4. Username - mts;
  5. password to login - mts.

How to connect internet from MTS on the phone?

phones running on Androi

platform to access settings go to the main menu and select the settings of the phone, and then connect the wireless connection, then you need to install a check mark next to the field of mobile Internet, then enter the mobile network menu and activate the Internet profile of MTS oras an alternative to - click menu to create a new access point to connect to this input the following parameters:

  • Username - MTS internet;
  • Access Point Name -;
  • Login - mts;
  • password to login - mts.

Based iOS

operating system Ideally, IPhone and IPad devices from MTS is initially ready to work freely on the Internet, but if for some reason your device refuses to submit access to the Internet, then do the following algorithm for the connection.

  1. Click the "Device Settings" menu;
  2. Select "General";
  3. Select "Cell phone data";
  4. then - "Data Network" and in the "Cellular Data" tab, enter the same parameters as in the Android OS.

enter the settings, make sure that data transmission is connected correctly.

Windows Phone 8

Turn on the device and wait for the main screen of the gadget, and then unlock it.

  1. "Settings" must be selected in the menu that appears.
  2. In the opened tab, select "Data Transfer", then scroll down the screen of the smartphone, and add the point of Internet access.
  3. In the "APN" menu, specify settings for MTS Internet exactly the same as in iOS.

After that, it is recommended to restart your device for the normal functioning of the Internet.

How to configure Internet services from MTS on the tablet

Many subscribers today are faced with the problem of connecting your tablet to the Internet service, below we present setting, which will help to connect the device to the Internet, however, if using the algorithm you have notwere able to get into the Internet, the best solution is to appeal to the MTS office to diagnose connection problems.

tablet preferences Algorithm:

  1. Select "Settings Menu";
  2. "basic tablet preferences";
  3. "Cellular Data";
  4. Connect the data network;
  5. Enter the required parameters in the network data are the same as in iOS.