How to unlock MTS phone?

How to unlock MTS phone?

Smartphone users of MTS, as well as owners of other similar devices, are often faced with the problem of blocking.The reason is simple: the user forgets the password, and simply can not use your phone.Thus, we consider two basic ways to unlock the smartphone MTS.

Unlock via «Hard reset» function

function «Hard reset» is available on many devices.Its essence lies in the fact that it is completely formats the software.The important point here is the fact that all the settings are set the user will be deleted, including the various files.Therefore, before using this function, consider that there are no important files on your device.If these are still available, it is better to turn to a specialized center, which will be able to unlock your phone without removing the information using special firmware.

If you do decide to format the device, do the following:

  1. Turn off the power of the smartphone.
  2. Open the system menu by using the key combination on and increase the volume, you need to hold down
  3. Once you go to the main menu, using the volume toggle key, go to the item «Wpp data»
  4. Next, go to the item «Factory reset».
  5. Find the item «Delete all users».
  6. Once again, go to the main menu.
  7. Find the item «Reboot system» and restart the system.
  8. Within a few minutes the system will be formatted.

Thus you will be able to unlock your phone.

lock Prevention

The other major way is to prevent so-called lock, which is provided on all smartphones, MTS.

  1. In order to prevent freezing of your smartphone, press the call button and enter the following combination: * # * # * 366 633 *.
  2. again press the call button.
  3. will take you to a special menu.«Semi-Lock» Find a place in the menu.
  4. Next, go to the network settings.
  5. you get into the Russian menu, where you can find the "Device Lock" item.
  6. Turning to him, you can set the lock settings, including name and a special item to unlock the smartphone permanently.

Thus you will protect your device from inadvertent blockage.

Remember that phone firmware procedure to unlock it should be trusted only to professionals.Otherwise, you may damage your smartphone software, and bring it into complete disrepair.

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