How to hide the number of MTS ?

How to hide the number of MTS ?

MTS users repeatedly faced with a situation where bored strange calls without a certain number or there is a need to hide your number when making some calls.Permit issue, how to hide the number of MTS, is very simple.Moreover, there are several ways to do so true:

  1. easiest and free way - to change the settings in your phone.For example, on the company's Nokia phones is done as follows: Settings - Call settings - Send my number - Disable.
  2. following method - hiding numbers by connecting the option "GA" (CLIR).Plug it in several ways:
    • dial from your phone number * 111 * 46 #, to come sms notification of a successful connection.
    • dial "Mobile Assistant" (+7 985 220 0022) and connect the "Caller ID" option, following the instructions, or alternatively - to dial 111, make a call, and follow the instructions of the electronic assistant, to activate the service.
    • those who are accustomed to service management via the Internet, will be more convenient to log in to your personal account on the official
      website of MTS.The password for entry into the study issued by the system when the registration numbers and the presence of MTS.

So, dear subscribers of MTS, as the case number hidden understood.Now consider the negative side and learn how the wraps off a hidden room.Negatives - not all services are connected for free.Some involve a subscription fee, which is to check with telecom operators or in MTS salons.Second, the relative disadvantage - every riddle has its otgadku.Simply put, the secret number when you want you can and learn.

The next step is the question of how to find the hidden numbers in the MTS.When any virus has its own anti-virus, as in this case.Consider the options:

  1. Call the contact center MTS number 0890 and explain your problem.
  2. View website at - Help and support - Detailed bill - Link through the "Internet Assistant".Detailing is a report on sent and received calls and SMS, but if the calls with a secret number were not accepted and lasted less than 3 seconds, the call and the number will be reflected not in detail.
  3. contact an authorized MTS office and be in possession of documents (passport).
  4. Contact the cellular interior, there is a certain number of money you will make a printout of calls for a specific period of time.