How to open your own business?

How to open your own business?

To begin to conduct their business, you need to prepare - including moral.If you are only thinking about their own business, working for someone else, then you should stick to this plan:

  • get rid of their fears.Working for someone else, it is difficult to decide on free swimming.After all, your business - this risk is instability, it costs a lot of energy, effort and the time.But you will not learn about their capabilities and abilities, without trying - so step over fear.
  • overcome laziness.Success is not achieved without daily work.Lazy has no place in business.Only by investing a lot of effort into the project, you can expect an appropriate return in the future.
  • Find demanded idea.The error beginners - find unique ideas.Look for what you must to potential customers and will be in demand.Examples of ideas you can look in the special section of our site - Opening of business.
  • To make the business plan.The business plan for starting a business is required: for the successful development of busi
    ness need to set goals, to identify perspectives, calculate the costs.Draw up a plan better yourself, to be able to thoroughly understand all the nuances and understand the business structure of the mechanism.Read more about this in our article How to open a business
  • Decide on the target audience.Explore customers, which will be sent an offer of goods or services.Type of customers, individuals or firms - ie, B2C or B2B;view of the sector, public or commercial;objectives pursued by the buyer - for himself, he makes a purchase or for resale to other persons.
  • Consult with experts on choosing your niche and related issues.Read about building a business from scratch in our article How to open a business from scratch ?.

How to start a business - important nuances

  • For a successful business requires a worthy motivation.Without it, there will be awareness, desire to do more.There must be an inner burning desire to invest in the business, treat it with love - the only way you will be able to stay afloat and to come forward.
  • How to choose a business if there is no key ideas?Consider the options on the niche sites.Surely among the variety of examples, you will find you suitable.Think about what you want to have a business, make a list of your requirements and look for a case that best suits the list.Try on - how do you feel in the role of the owner of the confectionery or car?If there is joy in the response - then it is yours.

SP or

Ltd. At the beginning of the business inevitably the question arises, in what form to organize a business.

compare that provides IP and LLC.

  1. IP registration procedure is much simpler than the Company.
  2. IP solves all problems alone, while in the company is engaged in the assembly of all the participants.
  3. In the case of share capital of SP is not necessary, in the company it is a minimum of 10,000 p.
  4. IP is solely responsible for the property, in the company's liability is limited - that portion, which makes the participant in the Criminal Code (authorized capital).
  5. Features IP expansion and sale of the business is not as broad as that company.
  6. profit when SP is freely available - in the company and can be used only after meeting the distribution of participants.
  7. Close IP quickly and easily, while the liquidation procedure LLC takes 4-6 months at best.

What do you choose for your business, what form of organization?Look at targets, means the number of participants in business.

IP right for you in the following circumstances:

  • if you are willing to conduct business without a companion;
  • if you do not want to spend time on the preparation of the statute;
  • if you can take full responsibility for their decisions;
  • formalities if you nowhere;
  • you will receive all the profits alone.

LLC is selected in the case where you are:

  • willing to share business with reliable people;
  • want to promote a brand, to do business name;
  • ready to work on the articles of association, to carry out the formalities to follow legal norms relating to this form of organization;
  • relying on large investors;
  • can solve problems together with the other participants and to come to a compromise.

Start Your Own Business - procedures

prepare documents

To register a company, you will need a package of documents, including:

  • statement, certified by a notary;
  • company's charter;
  • receipt of payment of registration fee;
  • confirmation of legal address - the lease.

need to register SP:

  • statement signed by the future of IP;
  • copy of the main document;
  • receipt for payment of state duty.

Select taxation

There are three most common types of tax for individual entrepreneurs and firms.

Under the general system gets any kind of activity, unless the registration otherwise specified.The overall system has its advantages and disadvantages.Firstly, it is the most complete taxation.It requires detailed accounting, which is unlikely to be possible without specialist Ba documentation must be maintained for at least 4 years.Plus the fact that there is no need to pay tax at a negative profit on it.

simplified tax system (STS) can be selected at registration, but with some conditions.Profit you for 9 months should be less than 45 million rubles, while the number of employees - less than 100. The main advantage of the simplified tax system - no need to draw up a detailed buhotchet.The disadvantage - under this system do not fit many spheres of activity.Open branches with USN will not work.However, if you have a small business is not planned expansion is the preferred option.

There are other ways of taxation, which you can choose - UTII, ECHO, MS.Ba and STS - the most common and frequently used by entrepreneurs.

Registration Tax and Funds

take regstratsiya tax funds and pension insurance, mandatory health insurance.It is also necessary to register with the Social Insurance Fund.

Opening a bank account

This is a required step that will save you from the problems with the tax.Yes, and from the clients will be more credible if they are able to transfer funds to a bank account - not personal.

After the completion of all these actions, training facilities and hiring, the business can begin to function.Jobs, of course, does not end there - need to look for clients, establish business contacts and develop their business.But it is pleasant work, if you like what I do.More about how to successfully open and read the business section Business on our website.