How to withdraw money from MTS ?

How to withdraw money from MTS ?

situations are different and sometimes very useful to know how to withdraw money from the card MTS, one day it might be useful to you or someone of your friends and relatives.We hasten to please you - MTS can withdraw money, definitely.Let's learn how to do it.


To withdraw funds from the account of the MTS mobile phone you will need to register with the payments system Qiwi.The registration procedure is very simple.You will need:

  • number of your MTS mobile phone,
  • email address.

After completing the registration procedure, you will have access to all services provided by Qiwi-purse, including you will be able to withdraw money from MTS.

We are interested in the section entitled "Cash conclusion."Keep in mind that the procedure for withdrawal of funds from the mobile phone account may be made only through banks, collaborating with MTS.There is also a limit on the conclusion - it is no more than 15,000 rubles per day.In fact, the procedure is not so complicated.In the "withdrawal of cas

h," you need to select the appropriate bank and fund your personal account or credit card account, confirm the operation with a special code that you receive on your mobile device.The money is credited on 15 minutes, the commission varies depending on the bank next to the delivery will be information about the commission.

Office MTS

There is also another option.If you suddenly, for whatever reasons, do not wish to use the services provided by MTS, you have every right to get the remainder in cash from the account.For this need to contact the MTS office, write the corresponding application for cancellation of the contract and after a month or two, you can withdraw money from your room mts.But this method is not suitable for almost anyone, because searching for answers to the question of how to withdraw money from MTS, a person does not want to terminate the contract with the company, he just wants to get the excess funds from the account.For these funds, you will need subscriber passport, which is issued on the SIM card, that is, if the SIM card is framed not for you, you need to bring with you is also a person who is the owner of the number according to the documents.

also means usually remain at the end of the month on the phone, which is paid by the employer, so the second way to lock the SIM card is not suitable.But do not forget that all the transactions with the mobile phone the score will be visible in the printout detailed account of the past month, but if it is not a death sentence for you, the best option - it qiwi-wallet.This low interest rate for the system services, and collaboration with a variety of banks.