How to create a free online store ?

How to create a free online store ?

More and more people realize that the Internet is an ideal place not only for leisure but also business, such as trade.Having a virtual store, no need to pay the rent, pay for work of numerous personnel.If you know how to make online store for free, the costs can be minimized.

How to create online store website with the help of designer

Many people want to know how to create a site yourself for free in 5 minutes.There are special online services that allow you to create websites as soon as possible.One of these is the free website it you can create an online store in a few clicks.It's enough to choose the design of the shop, fill it with product and perform simple customization.The store has a shopping cart, the possibility of online payment for goods and of Yandex.Market connect to. - another free site builder.Before you open an online store with it, you need to create a new account using e-mail and password.The next step is to choose a suitable template, which can later

be changed.

button "Edit" opens a powerful website builder that allows you to change the design, add the necessary facilities, including an online store, articles, galleries, social networking buttons in a few clicks.

tab "Settings" you can do seo optimization, create a favicon and connect Statistics.

How to create a free online store on CMS WordPress

Modern content management systems allow you to create an online store yourself.The most popular CMS WordPress.Despite the fact that it was originally designed for blogging, using special plug-ins, you can easily create a website for free.

The opportunity for online trade offers plugin WP-Shop.It allows you to customize the shopping cart and currency exchange rates.Fill the catalog is possible, using headings as the product categories, and publication - as pages.

just as easy to set up your online store based on WordPress, you can use free plugins Quick Shop, WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce.

online store at CMS Joomla

CMS Joomla allows you to organize the work of an online store with the help of special components:

  • VirtueMart - a powerful and feature rich component that requires a good host;
  • HikaShop - a simpler and faster component having a free and a paid version;
  • JoomShopping - free script with a lot of add-ons;
  • ShoppingMatters - component to create a small shop.

should add that the Joomla slightly more difficult to learn than WordPress.But most of the professional web studios develop online shopping is on the CMS Joomla.