How to create a business from scratch ?

How to create a business from scratch ?

More and more progressive people in the world come to the conclusion that the work does not need to "Uncle" and "the," and entertain the dream of opening their own business, even the most trifling.Not bad, you see, to be the master himself, with no one to share revenue and to dispose of their means and time - workers and free.In some individuals, these thoughts lead to good visible results.But many have "stuck" in the deliberation phase of the project, which can last a lifetime.Wake up from unnecessary thoughts!Start making your own business right now!And how to create one from scratch, prompt some pretty simple tips in this article.

doing business

In actual fact, create your own business is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.However, human nature to doubt, look for obstructions where they are not present, all kinds of pitfalls where sand and a shallow bottom.What should be done at the initial stage, so it is - to quickly reject all sorts of doubts about the success of the enterprise.A

nd if you decide to do, and start as soon as possible!

The direction

As the sages say, a lot of different ways, but only one way.So the question of what type of business to create, refer to the main rule: do you have this inner sense direction (that is, roughly speaking, if you will be doing it for the soul).If such could not be found, you should choose a different direction, and this - not wishing to drop.After all, imagine that you are engaged unloved (albeit very lucrative) rest of your life!It's - the same that go every day to work, sad, no one brings joy.Why, then change to another one?

Business plan

The next important event in the life of a novice businessman should be the preparation of a detailed, rigorous business plan for the future of the enterprise (form - is arbitrary, and the content - a very specific).Here, everything has to be serious.If you can not afford to cope with this task, it is necessary to attract the expert-analyst (or, at worst, to see similar themes in the Internet resources).This document should reflect some of the most important points:

  • the direction and scope of your business (trade, services, manufacturing, author's work, and the like),
  • goals and objectives of your company,
  • costs for the organization and staging of the case (thepoint is necessary to register as detailed as possible),
  • attracting wage workers and salary fund, if required,
  • attract potential sponsors and investors,
  • over what period of time the company will self-sufficient and profitable.

And advised that even if you make a business plan to potential investors, you have to work through all of the items, not concealing anything for yourself.Self-deception - a dangerous and not necessary in this case thing.


on business organization, as a rule, requires a certain amount of money.Where to get them?Well, first, you can use your own "nest egg" or the help of rich friends and relatives who can take the necessary funds without interest.If such possibilities do not have, you can ask for support in banks, in which there are loan programs for start-ups.Try to apply to foundations and government agencies: possible on luck to get a grant, of course, if we can convince the High Commission in the usefulness of your business.And from experience, if you strongly to look for money, be sure to find them!The main thing that in the future when their own business will be profitable, it came to repay the loan by the due date.

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