How to create a brand?

How to create a brand?

Carlo Pazzolini - shoe brand for affluent people.Nokia - the brand name for a successful businessman.Juice "My family" - the brand for the whole family, young and old.All such, quite unlike objects, have one very important similarity: they are popular brands, which means that they are in demand, causing the interest of consumers.Naturally, it is widely known and razreklamirovannost makes the product more desirable and advantageous to the buyer.If the average consumer given a choice between the same juice "My Family" and the little-known juice the same value, the consumer will choose, of course, the juice of "My Family".

How to create your brand

To create your brand, you need to get acquainted with their future competitors, their features, their advertising and be bought.The most consumed brand and will be your competitor.Your goal - to present their product as similar, but has a number of advantages.For example, you run a line of creams for the face.Your cream should just as well moisturize the

skin as a cream and competitors.And on top of that, he must still, for example, contain high-fortified amino acids and an extract of an exotic medicinal plants.These unique components are useful at the competent advertising will give you a competitive advantage.

How to create a brand, to attract attention?Pretty simple.It is necessary that your brand is carrying only a positive message to the consumer, no doubt.For example, the above shoes Carlo Pazzolini - an indicator of good taste, impeccable Italian quality materials, wearing comfort, refinement of styles and models, etc.For consumers, the juice "My Family" is a positive promise quality and natural juice, its great taste and vitamin content.

Brand created from parts.Every detail can be both advantageous and fatal.It is impossible to focus on just one of the benefits of the product.In this way, you can not attract a large audience of consumers.It is necessary to specify all the possible benefits of the brand, which will interest the most demanding customer.It should advance to untwist the brand to its appearance on the market, to generate interest in the buyer.Before a consumer will go to the store and buy the cream, he should know that there is a special cream, with unique properties that it differs from the others in that it not only hydrates the skin, but also restores collagen skin fibers, keeping it young and beautifulusing a special innovative complex which is not present in other substances such creams.

to attract buyers and not scare him too much imposition of their products and services, you need to take care of a competent promotion.You must call from the buyer only positive emotions!For example, a promotion campaign with the distribution of small probes your cream or granting small nice prizes when buying.You can then start advertising your wonderful cream in women's magazines, niche sites and television.Now that you know how to create a brand.It is difficult, but with the right approach, all things are possible.