How to create a face?

How to create a face?

opening a business, person or group of persons should formalize it, that is to register as an individual entrepreneur and to remain in the status of a natural person or a legal entity set up, that is, to register with the tax authority the firm.We will look at the second option.

The legal form of legal entity

In the beginning you need to choose the legal form of your proposed company:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Company with additional liability;
  • general partnership;
  • limited partnership;
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC) open and closed;
  • production cooperative.

sure to find out what is different from the Company CJSC and OJSC from our article What is the Company.Also useful is our article What are firm.In it you will find the main features of the other types of legal entity.

How to create a legal entity

So, with the legal form you are undecided.Now let's consider the basic steps that will make you in the process of establishing a legal entity.

  1. Determination of the founders.Here the c
    hoice is yours, but you must keep in mind a number of limitations.The number of participants as a part of LLC and CJSC should not be more than 50 people.In this respect of no limitations.The co-op must consist of at least 5 people.A legal entity may not be members of the cooperative members, but it can be a member of the partnership.
  2. Preparation of constituent documents.These include the charter and the foundation agreement.The Charter was adopted by the founders LLC, JSC, cooperative.Memorandum of Association signed by the founders of the partnership.The documents shall be made in accordance with the Civil Code and federal laws.
  3. authorized capital.As an authorized capital may make money or real property that is not a registered capital of other legal entities.At the time of starting a business is to be formed at least 50% of the share capital.temporary settlement account (in the case of monetary contribution) is created for this purpose.
  4. Company Registration with the tax authority.Current step by step instructions on the registration of legal entities, please visit the tax service.
  5. Print.A legal person must necessarily have a seal, which agreed a sketch must be submitted to the tax on a special form.
  6. Account opening.You must select a bank and learn it, what documents are necessary to open an account of the organization.Also, from 2014 to notify the tax, pension and social insurance fund is not required.This responsibility lies with the bank.

Now you know the highlights of the creation of a legal entity.But in addition to formal action note the recognition of the company and its reputation.It is useful to learn how to create the face of the company.Do you need advertising and logo.Read more about the latest read our article How to create a logo.