How to create a social organization ?

How to create a social organization ?

itself is a non-governmental public organization (non-governmental) surfeiting voluntary citizens who have common goals and interests.Such activity contributes to career, professional and personal growth.Of course, each of us strives to choose something for themselves, engaging in the affairs of public importance, it brings no less useful and fun than other areas.

Before we talk about how to create a social organization, let's look at its possible profiles.Any public organization has the right to choose an acceptable for her direction.For example, its purpose may be intangible satisfaction and spiritual needs of citizens, as well as their cultural, social, scientific and charitable achievement.Such an organization may engage in entrepreneurial activities, which fully complies with specified when it was created, the objectives.

Registration documents

In order to register a public association, you must gather the following documents:

  • charter association (organization);
  • registration statement,
    the information about the governing body;
  • general meeting of founders Protocol (founders);
  • position of branches (if any);
  • information about the founders, initiated the creation of non-profit organizations (NPOs);
  • receipt of payment of the registration fee.

The above documents must be submitted to the territorial department of the Ministry of Justice in two copies.A process of registration takes an average of 30 days, there may be exceptions.The applicant must obtain a certificate of state registration (within three working days) after the Ministry of Justice has received your documents from the relevant tax authorities.From that moment, the public organization legally becomes a legal entity, as well as the duties and rights come into force.

Next, you need to apply to the authority of statistics and tax authorities to put your organization on the necessary types of accounting and to obtain the relevant evidence.Do not forget to open a current bank account and inform the tax authorities (for five days).Also, you need to put a legal entity registered in the Social Insurance Fund, the Fund of obligatory medical insurance and pension Background.And only after that you can begin to deal with that kind of activity, which is stipulated by the Charter of your public association.

However, nowhere is not without pitfalls.And the current law makes the registration process is very problematic.Therefore, to save time and nerves, you can register an autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) and it will take only one week.

name and activities

It is desirable to choose a clear and resounding name associated with the city or society.It is not recommended to associate the name with any activities.Thus, the name coined, go to the profile of the organization.Decide on the type of occupation.The huge list of problems existing in our society, it is necessary to choose those that are closest to you and in which you are very familiar.The effective operation of public institutions depends on their profile, so this issue should be approached with great care.

Goals and media

Once you set goals, you need to register the purpose of your organization.Specify the problem, as well as tools for their solution, as well as the planned objectives achieved.As for the media, it is working with the media is the most important step in the process.You need to create your own database in the form of a press release in the future to send the information about any merits attention, event.

site and staff

Make sure that your organization has its own information site from the very first days of its existence.Each section of this site should fully reflect all kinds provided by the types of work in the framework of this section."News", "Events" and "Information for the media" - are mandatory sections.

No organization can not properly function without like-minded community that support and are well aware of the projects and programs proposed by you.However, you will also need to involve lawyers and editors for the site.Attraction of lawyers for free advice on-line or via e-mail is the easiest solution for you.After all, for them it is an additional experience and an opportunity to get good letters of recommendation from your association.

financial aspect

establishment of social organization also assumes the existence of a fund within the required limits.The organization can be financed with the money of your sponsors, or by their own means.Moreover, it may be a small amount.In this moment the approach is important.Nobody has canceled cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.But do not forget that a correct understanding of your organization and its activities is the key to success.


founders of any public organization can be as citizens of your country, as well as persons without citizenship on the condition that their stay in the country is legal, and have equal rights, and they are assigned the same duties ason the other members of the association.Even foreigners can act as founders.It should also be noted that the founders of any public organization can not retain the rights to the property which was transferred to them in the organization.In case of excess of income over expenditure of association, the excess can not be shared between the founders.It can only be used for the realization of the goals prescribed by the charter of the organization.

In general, the registration of a public organization is time consuming and responsible process, in which you must take into account many factors in order to avoid any problems in future activities.But if you decide to create your own social organization, we can confidently say that you are working for the good of man.And it is impossible not to appreciate.