How to create a company ?

How to create a company ?

In today's world, many think about the creation of their own enterprise.This opportunity is available to everyone, you only need to come up with an idea for a successful business, have an initial capital and to issue the necessary documents.His work provides an excellent opportunity to do what I want to constantly improve and learn new things.

Where to start?

If there is a decent amount of money that want to invest in the business, knowledge about the design document, but there is no specific ideas about what products or services will offer a new enterprise, the whole thing would be a failure.The first step is to think about what I want to do.Suitable is an area in which the person is well versed.Many successful entrepreneurs started to engage in his favorite hobby, and it quickly began to bring a decent income.

business idea can prompt the previous place of work, close friends and relatives.Choosing the type of activity is also focusing on the demand and competition.Part of the amount available

to spend on advertising better.With it will attract a lot more customers.Not bad to find the time to attend courses on the creation of business and learn how to prepare a business plan.


documents when we already know what type of business is best to open and have an initial capital, it is time to deal with the registration of the new company.Do not do without several important stages:

  • Development of constituent documents, and the definition of the founders.At this stage, you create rules, responsibilities and conditions that will apply to the new organization;
  • Conclusion of the contract on the activities of the enterprise.It indicates the name, address, charter capital, the procedure for the distribution of profits;
  • Create Charter.It discusses in detail all issues related to the distribution of losses and profits, the methods of making contributions, the amount of the founders;
  • Opening a bank account, which will go half of the initial capital.

To open a construction company or any other company, you can register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity.But the most common form for the creation of the organization - a limited liability company.This is the optimal solution for most small and medium-sized businesses with a starting capital of only 10 thousand rubles.The number of participants may range from 1 to 50.The basis for the company is a charter.You will also need to issue a series of documents to the tax authorities.

Before creating the company recommend review the information in the section Opening a business.