How to create a company ?

How to create a company ?

Many dream of, to begin to work for themselves, rather than his superior thinking and open his own firm.To do this, you need to decide what goals and objectives will be in your future organization, in what area you want to do business.

Basics firm

When it was decided which direction your company will have, for example, - the tourist, construction and law, one may wonder how to create a company.So, start your own business you can in several ways - it is:

  • Start from scratch;
  • Buy acting company;
  • buy a franchise.

Next you need to decide on the form of ownership.You can select individual private firm, corporation or partnership.For the organization of each form of ownership need to make certain legal formalities.

For example, you can open the LLC - Limited Liability Company, which is a fairly common organizational-legal form of the enterprises.The registration procedure is not complicated, so many choose exactly LLC.


course, the creation of the company from the ground up - a very

long process.For a start you have to choose a resounding and original title that has not yet been registered.Next you will need to prepare certain documents and to provide appropriate help:

  1. application for state registration on behalf of the entrepreneur;
  2. copy of his passport;
  3. copy of his birth;
  4. original or a copy of the registration;
  5. document confirming payment of state duty.

Many are also turning to the lawyer, he helped to create the necessary documents correctly.

To get started, you will need to order forms and print, fill them and notarize.The following is to pay a state fee.Then, open a bank account and transfer funds to the account of your company.

An important step is finding and hiring skilled workers.


Charter Generally, the main documents are those documents that reflected costs.They will be useful for the report to the tax.You also need to take care of the Charter of the company.Most charters based on the current and past the statute already registered.Download sample to fill here.

Learn detailed information about how to create a company, you can in the article How to organize a company.

How to create a company logo

After the formal part of the work on the creation of the company is completed, it is necessary to come up with original and well memorable logo for the company.Can you arrange company name with a certain color, and font.

To create a logo, there are several options:

  • Create a logo yourself.This option is suitable for those who are good at drawing, has a rich imagination and also want to save money.
  • You can also use the program to quickly create logos.This is a good option if you want to take the matter entirely in your hands, do not trust the professionals, but the poor own graphics.Download this program here.
  • And, of course, you can seek help from the company, which is engaged in development of logos.You just have to tell what logo you want and the professionals do the work for you.

Creating a logo - it is responsible, so approach it seriously.To learn more about creating logos can be in the article - How to create a logo.