How to create your magazine?

How to create your magazine?

Open your own small business and work only for themselves - it is the dream of every inhabitant of the modern Russia.You can find a number of journalists and photo editor that will make all the illustrations for the release, and, of course, advertising that will bring a much greater amount of income than sales.However, not all as easy as it seems at first glance.So, let's look at how to create a log.

analysis of future activities

Before log register as a new business, you must analyze the target audience that will read this information resource.Define your magazine themes.From this stage, to a greater extent, the success of your business.

also need to understand that the sources that will generate income, only two - is the profit from the sale of the magazine, and profit from advertisement published on the pages of your publication.That is why, it is necessary to promote not all products that are possible and pick them up in accordance with the target audience.For example, if your magazine is d

evoted to fishing or hunting, then it would be appropriate to advertise a fishing store.Similarly, you can act, if you release a car magazine.

Thus, even in the selection process of specialization of the planned magazine you need to think about the potential customers who will also be working with you.It is advisable to conduct a comprehensive study of all potential advertisers in your area in order to identify possible work volume.

Journal Register

The next thing we do - this register log.This procedure is required if you want to create a glossy magazine.There is a registration procedure in the special registration authority and consists of several stages:

  1. drawing up a package of necessary documents and submitting them for registration;
  2. control application for registration of a new journal;
  3. a certificate of state registration of the magazine.

But with regard to the registration deadlines, it may be noted that any registration authority will carry out this procedure at least for a month.The cost of this procedure is 9000 rubles.However, in addition to this fee is necessary to pay more and the state fee.

Bids vary considerably depending on what is the scope of distribution and of his subjects.For example, if you are going to publish in the Journal of Materials erotic themes, then you will have to pay to the state 40 thousand rubles, and if you are going to write about education, then for that you need to pay only 800 rubles.Thus, to create a magazine for free will not work.

Now, what about the documents to be collected for registration.If the founder is a legal entity, it must provide a notarized copy of the constituent documents, and also need to provide an extract from the register.

Internet magazine

We considered that it was necessary to take to create the common theme of a glossy magazine.Now let's see what you need to create a journal on the Internet.

  • The first thing we need - is to register your own website, which will be located all the information.Now, to create a journal on-line materials are beginning to turn out.The minimum number of items that will be placed on it - it is 50 units.Such amount will be enough to make a few issues.But do not forget that the information has to be fresh and topical, so you need to immediately sit down at the operating time of new articles.After the first issue you need to consider what the article read most often and on this basis to develop more and more new publications.Try to focus on the readers' preferences.
  • The next thing you need to remember - this is an update that should occur not less than once a month.Marshall latest releases so that in each reader could find at least one material from each thematic section of the magazine.
  • The next thing you need to do - is to be placed on the pages of his own online magazine pictures that relate to the subject of subjects.Read the text with the pictures is much nicer than without them.Do not forget to add in each issue a small excursion through the pages of your magazine that interested readers.

Also, if you create your own online magazine, decide whether you want to create an analogue printing of this magazine.Starting running your own magazine on the Internet, you can analyze your journal in a printed version will be claimed.

So we looked at how to create a glossy magazine and Internet independently.Good luck to you in your creative endeavors.