How to create your club ?

How to create your club ?

Creation Club - a process at the same time, interesting and complex.Of course, if it comes to a successful club, which will run for several years.And it is about how to create a social club or a fan club for a long time, and we'll talk.

How to create your club: preparation

most important thing that you need for the organization of any club - it is the enthusiasm of organizers and helpers.At the same time it does not matter what kind of club is it: the music fan club or society of psychological support.If there is a positive attitude and a desire to overcome all the difficulties, all you get.If it does not - then it is better not to start.Next, you need either to examine the literature about how to create different society, or to ask the people who have had a positive experience in this area.Best of all, if you do something, and more.And one more thing: in your environment must be the person to whom you could entrust the management of the club during your absence.Now we proceed to the actual orga

nizational moments.

members and meeting place

Before you create your own club, consider who you want to see in it, as well as - where you will be collected.A lot of quite good in general, projects decayed in my eyes because of the fact that people were simply nowhere to gather.For a small club will be the ideal option appartment.I still recall our music fan club mid-late '90s, when we were going for a few years on the flats to each other.If you are planning a big enough club, can not do without the rental premises.So either you have to solve the issue rent, or find someone who will give you the appropriate area for free.Now, as participants or members.A successful society for a long time there, subject to several conditions.Firstly, the society should be only one leader - you or someone else to whom you plan to take this role.If the leaders of the more trust: the collapse is inevitable.There are no exceptions to this rule - as societies collapsed as soon as the leaders began to share the power and pull of other club members each to his side.Secondly, it is desirable not to allow the conflict to meet people or those who want to drag society control blanket over himself.To this end, it is desirable to personally conduct interviews before accepting new members to the club, but before the first meeting of the club are well aware of each of its prospective members.

How to create a club: communication

Thus, all organizational issues have been resolved and, finally, the time of the first meeting.Start any meeting, of course, should be to explore the participants.It is important that no one felt deprived.To do this, you need to think in advance the submission procedure.For example, one can talk about for something - that he wants.The main thing is that there is no compulsion - we're talking about successful club.Who would want to just introduce myself: "Hello, I'm Luda," and someone will say: "Hello, I'm Andrew.I've been doing business, and I also like to ski, play chess, read fantasy, etc.etc.".Do not forget that many needs time to unfold.Someone might start to talk at ease, and to someone it would require more than one meeting.Particularly sensitive to be if you are organizing a club of psychological help in different situations.In a club people do not come from a good life, and they need to give as much time to adapt as necessary.

Further activities of the club

To the participants did not leave the club should be able to organize, so to speak, a cultural program.It may be a simple tea party, and such leisure activities, such as board games or role-playing.In short, the participants should be interested in the meetings.Agree on a meeting comes not so much self-sufficient people who are free to entertain themselves - the majority necessary to create the conditions.If this fan club, then there will be entertainment by themselves - such people have a lot of common interests.If we are talking about a society in one way or another connected with the decision of psychological problems, the organizers have to think through every detail the plan of the first meetings, until everything goes, as they say, on the thumb.Do not forget to plan a program of meetings in such a way that it was attended by all members of the club.Of course, in any company are demure, which can not make anything.Then you need to make sure that they were at least interesting.Two or three such meetings - and the most downtrodden people slowly begin to take the initiative, because they understand that they are among the like-minded.By following the above rules, you will easily be able to not only organize a social club, but also quite successfully maintain its activity for a very long time.