How to create your store ?

How to create your store ?

Internet shopping more popular in recent years - to buy them in convenient and profitable.It is no wonder that many are now trying to make it in the online stores.What?No need to rent space, hire staff, to be spent on the design of retail space ... However, to create an online store and promote it well, so users have identified it among hundreds of others, can also be a costly affair.For information on how to make and roll out an online store, as well as what problems thus can arise, we explain in this article.


Make online shop in three ways:

From template

Today, there are many areas, making it possible to create an online store from scratch in a short time.Make a good store for free, you can, for example, here.


course, you can create a website from scratch on their own - in this case you get the absolute exclusive, but the time, knowledge and mental strength, you will need a huge amount.

professionals trust

Another option - to turn to professionals, they will make

and exclusively, and fast, but expensive.

option of creating one chooses on the basis of available resources and opportunities.


Possibilities of promotion on the Internet a huge number, each case has advantages and disadvantages.Consider the details.

  • SEO-optimization or search engine optimization - is an excellent method to win the trust of customers.The task "SEOs" ( "raskrutchika") - to bring the site into the top issue of when a particular query in the search engines.Invest in this method will have to seriously, but for a long time, no return will not.In addition, on certain subjects (eg, PVC windows) bring the site into the top almost impossible.
  • Work with bulletin boards.Today, the network has already been plenty of advanced notice boards (eg, Avito).Nobody prevents you post in these areas of your store products, with a reference.Attached here are small, but the returns can be very good.
  • Contextual advertising and banner advertising - methods, though effective, but very expensive.The likelihood that the target user request goes to your site, is quite high, but it will have to invest seriously.
  • Promotion in social networks.This is probably the most affordable method of promotion today, but its success depends on many conditions.In particular, the theme from the store.
  • mail.This method is inefficient: firstly, spam all tired, and secondly, spam all tired, well ... finally tired of all the spam!Yes, sometimes you can get there, but in most cases only cause irritation.

Store accounts

Recently gaining popularity of online shopping accounts.This is a very clever way of earnings.Users registered on various websites and online games with beautiful accounts, and then sell them.In general, it looks like a beautiful store rooms on the site of the cellular operator, but you can create the most beautiful room.

Store accounts - a good opportunity to really build your business without any investment.You can make a free site at the store on the basis of patterns and begin to produce accounts.Of course, it is hard, because it seems to have all the good accounts are clogged, but in this business you need to have the gift of foresight.Thus, for example, predicted that the new online game will soon become very popular, you can quickly set up in it a bunch of cool accounts.The main thing is that the risk of losing money is not here!

So, go for it!Good luck!More about the online store promotion you can read in the article How to promote the shop.