How to Book Company ?

How to Book Company ?

Any activity that generates income, must be demonstrated by the government in our country.Does your income subject to tax, and your activities should be carried out in accordance with the different standards adopted for the respective scope of business activities.

To begin to conduct private business, you need to acquire the status of an individual entrepreneur or open a Limited Liability Company.For information on how to issue Ltd., and will be discussed in this article.

Who needs to open Ltd.

registration procedure Ltd. times more difficult than the registration certificate of an individual entrepreneur.In addition, the order of taxation and various penalties in relation to the company considerably more expensive.You will also need to conduct a serious financial statements, and have a certain share capital.Of course, there are many other nuances, but this is perhaps the most significant.

So why open Ltd?The fact that private entrepreneurs are available, not all areas of activity.So, being a

PI, you are, for example, do not have the right to carry out the sale of alcoholic liquor in the retail, as you will not be issued a license.There are other limitations.

procedure for registration

Ltd. to open Ltd., need to collect quite a significant package of documents.Despite the expected difficulties, we suggest that you try to open their own company, consistently performing the following steps.

Choose a name for your company

Any Company Limited has its own brand name.In addition, when you register, you can also specify the short name of your company, its translation into a foreign language, if you plan to later enter the world market, or the name of the language of any of the peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation.

find room

LLC have to be referenced to a specific room in the Russian Federation.This so-called legal address of the community, which is fixed in the Constitution.You must either buy a room in the property and to issue it as a business, or to conclude a long-term lease agreement with the owner of the room where you plan to carry out its business activities.

Select what exactly you want to do When you open

LLC, you need to specify which activities you plan to do.Based on the selected type of activity, you assign a specific code NACE.Basically, you can specify in the application an unlimited number of codes.However, a lot of sense in this, because it is easier to add new codes after the registration of the LLC, than to plant extra paperwork.Qualifier of codes can be found on this website.

Select a form of taxation

In our country, at the moment there are 4 basic types of tax systems:

  • traditional or common mode;
  • Lite mode;
  • single tax on imputed income (UTII);
  • unified agricultural tax.

Before opening the company advised to carefully study all the nuances of the adoption of each of the above tax systems and decide which one will be the most appropriate to your business.

Prepare founding documents

For the state registration of the LLC, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • organization Statutes in two copies;
  • Receipt of payment of the appropriate fee;
  • Application form;
  • Documents confirming the ownership or lease of premises to which the registered legal address;
  • If there is only one company founder, you must submit a decision to establish the company in writing according to the established pattern.If two or more founders, need a protocol of the meeting participants.
  • In addition, if the number of founders of two or more people, you will also need to conclude an agreement between all of them, in which all the information on the future company, its name, legal is described in detail.address, size of the authorized capital, indicated the head (Director-General), etc.

Submitting documents to the IRS

Once all documents are prepared and authenticated by a notary public (please note, this is very important!), You apply to the local branch of tax office, where it must consider in 5 days.

With a favorable outcome of the case, the information about the new company is entered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, and then you will be given an extract from the roster, the certificate of registration.person and a document confirming the statement of the company registration in the tax.Since making you register, your society is considered to be established.

order to begin to engage in entrepreneurial activity, you will need to open a bank account and produce a seal of the organization.

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