How to get money for business?

How to get money for business?

In this article we look at the different ways to get money for business.Three main ways: to save money, get them from the state and receive money in a private bank.The first option will not be considered, because if you decide to save money on their own, then you already know the way.But two other (loans from the government or private banks) will discuss in more detail.

money on business from the state

Many people know that in our country has a program to promote small business development, which was approved in 2008.She continues to this day.However, there is one caveat: the fact that use the facilities at the business from the state you can only if you are unemployed.In this case, the state can provide to you free of charge amounting to about 60,000 rubles for their own businesses, and even for the same amount for each of the secured workplace unemployed.You can also consult the employment centers you can consult it and even help with drawing up a business plan.Well, now let's talk about the a

ction plan.

  1. First of all, become officially unemployed.So first you need to register with the employment center in the community and expressed the desire to open a business.
  2. Make a business plan (hereinafter will be called its abbreviated BP).PD is the most important step to getting the required subsidy.To do this, you can ask for advice to the employees of CH (employment center).If you have some knowledge, you will have to take courses in business start-ups, where in a few weeks you will be given the necessary knowledge in accounting, taxation and law, so you can create your own business plan.These courses free of charge, but in the passage you will be removed from the register in the CZ, and therefore, you will be deprived of unemployment benefits.After graduating from these courses and pass the exams will have to register again.
  3. Register entity.You can register and SP (individual entrepreneur), or establish a small business.For a sole proprietorship, you must first apply with the IRS - Internal Revenue Service, which will take about a week.Now to register and submit an application to switch to the ONS - the simplified taxation system or, as it is called, the simplified tax system.
  4. now provide your BP for review and send multiple documents to the Director of CH: BP itself, the application for the subsidy, the conclusion about the effectiveness of PD, a copy of the certificate of registration of legal entity and the number of your personal account with the bank details.BP can be considered from one to several weeks.
  5. last stage - PD protection, which will be considered by the Commission of several people.If approved, you will be awarded a contract for the organization and registration of the business and paid a one-time subsidy.

money for business development of the bank

Here you have a good understanding of that going to the bank for a loan, you actually sell your PSU bank.For the bank, it is important to take your money at a good rate, and earn money from it, but at the same time and minimize risk.What helps in loan approval?

  1. First of all, it is a loan business, working more than one year and are able to pay off your debt without problems.But this is not the case, since such business hardly needs subsidies.
  2. If you want to get a loan for their own businesses, the bank may approve the issuance of the loan in the case where the borrower has collateral or any financial reserves.From the reports that will be required for the loan you need to provide a report on the planned use of funds, as well as predictions: first, sales, and then on the cash flows, the rational for the issuance of loans.
  3. Remember that your offer is to be worthwhile.Stand on the banker's place and think: would have given you such a loan seeker?It helps for approval and invest their money.Usually, banks give out loans in cases when you have already invested at least 25% of the required amount.
  4. And, of course, an important part will be your credit history, ie how consistently you pay past loans.Ideal - more time taken and paid loans for large sums.
  5. Finally, the last: it is best to ask for a loan from local banks.Conditional on the fact that the bank always more willing to give credit "their" rather than "itinerant", since there may be questions as to why people do not take a loan at a local bank.Well, perhaps, all the details we have reviewed.Hopefully, now you will be able to get money for business development.