How to develop a project?

How to develop a project?

To begin working on projects, it is necessary to clearly define what is a project and what are the basic techniques to work on it, the work was successful and resulted in a positive outcome.Draft - a process of making anything or any embodiment of the idea in the future.That is a project - it is a small business plan, if it is a commercial project or a plan of action, if the social project.If you are doing pioneering work, you need to know how to develop the project.

Commercial project

main purpose of commercial projects - making a profit.Therefore, the more you describe all the stages of the path for the event, then the easier it will be to work and earn an income.We must start, in any case, with a presentation of all your thoughts on paper.Please describe in detail the subject, which will be fundamental in your project.This may be the production of a commodity (for car parts, canning, baking, children's clothing, plastic utensils, etc..), May be the provision of services (car wash, coffee shop

, tutoring, travel services, etc.). It may also be oneof the existing business areas, for example in the production of new cafe - bakery specialties pancakes, on a car wash - rubbing cars with new compositions, in the children's studio - sewing clothes made of special fabrics warm.

Once you clearly describe the subject of your project, we must also clearly describe his ultimate goal.Not just "I want to bring profit cafe", namely: "I want to cafe" Lily "has brought for 1 month 300 thousand rubles, including 50 through the sale of a new product - pancakes."This is called SMART goal setting and most accurately describes the endpoint of your project.

Then you write everything that needs to be done to ensure that the project was held.You create a specific plan, indicating the names of the component parts of the project, deadlines, responsible and performers that you need for this step - raw materials, documents, mercenary firms, etc. Each part of the project it is necessary to decipher in terms of costs, the negative features and ways to minimize them..

learning how to develop a project, pay attention to the financial side of the issue.You must make a detailed cost estimate.It select all expense items, the period when the required funds, funding sources.Then make a list of expected profit.Of course, once you get the maximum can not be normally output at the highest profit occurs at 6-9 months after the start of the project.By comparing these two lists - costs and revenues, you will be able to evaluate the future success of the project.

Social Project

To determine how to develop a social project, you should understand that its purpose is quite different.It may appear raising legal literacy of the population, an increase in political activity of youth, promotion of healthy lifestyles, respect for the rights of children and adolescents, and many others.The structure of such a project should be all the same items, which was also in a commercial project, but there is no estimate of anticipated revenues.Also different is expressed purpose of the project.Though she and social, but it must be expressed in concrete measurable factors.For example, the project aims to promote a healthy lifestyle will be: an increase in the sections dealing with up to 200 people, holding 15 lectures in 4 schools for pupils from 6 to 8 classes, taught to ride a bike 100 first grade 5 schools.Do not formulate it as a slogan, "All will run and swim!", You will never be able to control the result of such a project.

School projects

school projects students are now engaged in very often.They concern any scientific field, their aim is scientific research students.Therefore, it is necessary for teachers to know how to develop a school project.The project includes the choice of subject, planning of scientific development, carrying out the work itself, and presentation preparation.Practical application in such a project is not available.He only training purpose.