What you need to open the SP ?

What you need to open the SP ?

In today's world, many tend to work on yourself, to be able to realize their own potential and have a higher income.

In this regard, the question arises quite often that you need to open the SP (self-employment).

Documents required for the opening of IP

package of documents to open the SP is relatively small.However, it will require the formation of small financial costs and time.Narrow down the list of required documents, you can have an informant in the territorial tax authority, which is planned to direct registration of SP.You can also consult on how to fill papers and to check the correctness of their filling.This will avoid failure or error correction, which, of course, an increase in time required to process IP entail.

The standard package of documents includes:

  • application for state registration.The sample can be taken in any territorial tax authorities.The application shall include passport information, VAT number and other personal information, as well as the type of activity that
    you intend to do.And then you can change the type of activity or complement.After completing the application, it is necessary to assure a notary.That is why it is recommended initially to test it for correctness of, otherwise, have to re-pay for notary services.
  • Original and copy of passport (only the pages are copied to the personal data and registration).
  • Original and copy of TIN.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.

If SP opens the minor citizen, you must provide permission from their parents or legal representatives.For foreign entities will also need a notarized translation of the passport, a copy of the document confirming the registration of the place of residence.

How to open IE: sequence

prepared a package of documents necessary to hand over to the registration authority - the territorial department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS).The inspector will check the correctness of filling and the presence of all required documents, then will issue a receipt showing the date when to come for testimony SP.

official deadline for registration SP - 5 days.However, recording the tax authorities, as a rule, take an additional 2 days, so it is usually possible to obtain a certificate no earlier than 7 days after the filing.In this case if you do not come to the tax authority in strictly designated day, the next morning, the answer will be sent to your specified address by mail.

Assuming any errors instead of a certificate issued by the refusal with the notification of reason.In this case, to open the SP, you will need to re-collect the full set of documents, including paying the state fee again.If all the paperwork is in order, the following documents are issued:

  • certificate of registration of IP;
  • certificate INN assignment;
  • extract from the state registry.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Apply to the tax office and apply for the transition in your preferred system of taxation.Select help her accountant or auditor.
  2. up in the Federal Service of State Statistics.This will require the original certificate and IP certificate.
  3. Wait for a letter from the Pension Fund, which says that you put on the account as a taxpayer.It should arrive within a month after the filing of the relevant application.

Further, if desired, you can purchase and print cash register and open a bank account (although if you do not plan to conduct non-cash payments, it is unlikely to need you).It is important to remember that the cash register requires registration with the tax authority and the conclusion of the contract with the service center and information about how to open the account must be submitted to the tax.

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