How to take a screenshot on your phone ?

How to take a screenshot on your phone ?

All phones support the ability to make a screenshot of the screen, but users do not always know which key / key combination to press to perform this operation, and because of its convenience is undeniable.This article will tell you how to make a screenshot of your phone screen different models.


To take a screenshot of the display iOS-devaysa, the user must simultaneously press the power key and the "Home" button.Hold combination is not necessary, just a quick click.When you click a user hears a click the shutter (if sound is enabled on the phone) that will testify to the success of the operation undertaken.

Find a screenshot of the screen can be in the "Film" under the "Photos".


Since the mass producers now manufactures smartphones on the Android operating system, the general method for making a screen shot for all android devices no.

Most models

However, in most cases, namely for the phones from Sony, Nexus, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Lenovo, Motorola and many other lesser-known produc

ers, working method for simultaneously pressing the power button and the Volume Down key.


combination for screenshots on Samsung phones - the power button + Home button.In addition, in the last devaysakh South Korean company the opportunity to take pictures of the screen using the edge of a palm swipe from one end to the other device.However, this option must first be activated - "Settings" / "Control" / "hand control" / "Screenshot".

Informal shell

If on top of Android user installs any informal shell, usually there is a special button in the quick menu to take a screenshot.

In addition, you can meet such a scheme - the power button, hold it until the menu screen and press the button with the image of the camera.The menu itself is not reflected in the screenshot.

Android (below Gingerbread)

On Android-devaysakh version below Android 2.3 Gingerbread easy way to make a screenshot does not exist, but Google Play is one of the many applications available for download, allowing to take a screen shot.

All screenshots made on Android-device, usually stored on a memory card in the Pictures / Screenshots folder.If this folder screenshot no such folder or non-existent (important for informal firmware), a screen shot can always be found in the "Gallery".

Windows Phone

To take a screenshot devaysa screen on Windows Phone platform below version 8.1, you need to simultaneously press the "Start" button and the power button.

If your smartphone or tablet system is installed later, press the following combination: power button + volume up button.

Regardless of the version, all screenshots are saved in the "Pictures" folder.

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